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100+ Other Words for Boobs, Breasts and Bosoms

This may come as a surprise to some of you, but here at Flappr we, every now and then. . . write about female human breasts. We never intend to write about boobs in an exploitative fashion - no, our brand of investigative journalism is more research based. We consider bosoms, we analyze bosoms, we celebrate bosoms.

In doing so, it became necessary to find ways to describe these dense dairy dumplings. We believed it to be gauche and uncouth to refer to mammaries as "boobies" or other similar, common, analogues.

No, no, that's not our style.

In furtherance of this effort, we looked for ways to capture the essence of how enamored we are with these essential elegant weasel-easels. Our solution? When possible, we come up with unique descriptors for each set of pillowy pleasure pontoons that grace the pages of our website. Sometimes the term are weight or girth related, like fair-sized feeders. Sometimes the term aligns to a subject's place of origin, like Copenhagen casabas. Sometimes, the term describes a characteristic about the person, like Leninist lactaters.

Well, over the three-plus years of running this website, we've come up with several alternative words for boobs, breasts and bosoms - enough terms for us to assemble this Glossary of Glands for your use and enjoyment.

Why say "look at those big tits" when you can say "look at those Bewitching Button-Busters?"

Some things are worth celebrating. Some things are worth the extra effort.

Without further ado, please enjoy Flappr's Manual of Mammary Related Metonyms.

Alternative Words for Boobs
Last updated: October 27, 2023

Abundant Areola'd Arches

Ancient Airbags

Areola’d Aspen Airbags

Baby-Feeding Beacons of Hope

Barrel Chested Brigadiers

Bewitching Boos!

Bewitching Button-Busters

BFTs (Big Fake Tits)

Big Natural Shoulder Boulders

Blaspheming Bazookas

Bodacious Bazookas

Bodacious Bolt-Ons

Bolshevik Bazoombas


"AOC might be a midwitted Marxist, but she does have some legit Bolshevik Bazoombas"


Bountiful Boebert Bouys

Bountiful Buoys of Saline Superiority


Chitty-Titty Chin-Bangers

Colossal Cape Town CFUs (Child Feeding Units)

Copenhagen Casabas

Curvaceous Congressional Casabas

Curvaceous Conservative Cantaloupes

Dairy-Endowed Debutant

Daring Danish Dairy Pillows

Delightful Divorcee Dairy Pillows

Dense Dairy Dumplings

Decadent Danish Disco-Balls

Divine Humpty Dumpties

Durban Doozies

Evansville Eye-Gougers

Essential Elegant Weasel-Easels

Fair-Sized Feeders

Finnish Flushmounts

Foxy Flat-Chested Finn

Funbags of Freedom


"Paige was a proud patriotic woman who proudly showcased her Frolicking Funbags of Freedom"


Gargantuan Gazongas

Grand Junction Jaw-droppers

Gorgeous Ghoulish Glands

Honeydew'd Heroine

Heredity Howitzers

Holy Roman Rib Cushions

Insatiable Icelandic Ice Chests

Johannesburg Jawdroppers

Large Luscious Liberty Bells

Latter-Day Lactaters

Leninist Lactaters

Luscious Luxembourgian Lactoids

Mammorial Mystique

Mammoth Mommy Milkers


"Trolls said Liz was 'too old' to post that photo on Instagram, but her Mammoth Mommy Milkers could not be contained!"


Maple Milker'd MILF

Massive MOAB's (Mother Of All Boobs)

Massive Molson Moo Moos

Meghan McCain's MaveRACK

Mile-High Milkers

MILFy Michigander

Milker'd Marxist Midwit from Queens

Moderately-Sized Manufactured Melons

Mormon Milkers



Nourishing Norwegian Knee Knockers

Nourishment-Filled Knockers

Octogenarian Orbs

Pendulous Paragons of Patriotism



"Many people argue that Abby Shapiro should've won Flappr's 2021 Milker of the Year Award, but she was pregnant and her Curvaceous Conservative Cantaloupes were fueled with performance enhancing pregnancy hormones (or PEDoubleDs, if you will). So, that wouldn't have been fair."


Pillowy Pleasure Pontoons

Poutine Pontoons

Proletariat Pokies

Prolific Pueblo Pokies

Protestant Pontoons

Psaki Bombs

Ravishing Republican Rib Cushions

Red State Rounders

RINO Rocket Launchers

Rocky Mountain Man Pleasers

Round Mounds of Little St. James-town

Seductive Samoan Saucers

Socialist Sweater Globes

Spooky Spirit Raisers

Stone Age Shoulder Boulders

Stacked South Carolinian Congresswoman

Super-Charged Saline Star of the Silver Screen

Sweater Sirloins

Synthetic Silos of Saline Supremacy

Synthetic Sweater Stretchers

Titillating Tabernacles


Tremendous Set of Tuscaloosa Torpedoes


"Donna's Tremendous Set of Tuscaloosa Torpedoes made her home state of Alabama proud!"


Two Pillowy Pyramids of Persuasion

Unmatched Mounds of Misbehavin' Man Pleasers

Untainted Umlauts

Voluptuous Viking Milk Vessels

Winsome Watermelons

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