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Leave the MILFs Alone

Allow me to introduce you to Crystal Jackson, a 44 year old, mother of three living in Sacramento, California. Crystal is a certified MILF that goes by "Mrs. Poindexter" on Instagram and posts extremely thirsty photos like this on her feed (below, a fairly tame one for illustrative purposes):

According to Crystal, she started to post risqué photos herself online to try and introduce a little fun into her relationship with her husband. The couple started a "subreddit" on and Crystal's photos became VERY popular with extremely horny men online, who have a taste for the MILF life. Crystal and her husband quickly realized that these photos and Crystal's "hot mom" persona had all the makings of a profitable enterprise, so the couple started an OnlyFans account to allow Crystal to sell access more "private" access to some of Crystal's more "private" parts.

The couple began making up to $150,000 a month off this new MILFY endeavor! Things we're looking great for the Jackson family, until a harem of Karens found Crystal's page and began slut-shaming her within the community - going so far as to send nude photos found on Crystal's OnlyFans page to the principal of the school that Crystal's children attend.


Since the Jackson children attend Catholic school and, presumably, because porn is a sin under Catholic doctrine - Crystal's kids were "kicked out" of the school. Here is the extremely MILFY Crystal, explaining her story:

As you well know, Flappr is a sex-positive website. We do not kink shame and we stand firmly behind Crystal's decision to be a smoking hot-wife online. It's not something I'd want MY wife doing and I can't imagine what it would be like gross dudes pumping off to photos of my mother, but Crystal's not my wife and she's not my mother (unless you pay extra, I don't know how that works - I swear) - so why would I care? I do have a level of sympathy for the amount of bullying her children likely endure from their friends, though:

But let's be real here - Crystal Jackson's online Milfdom is not damaging the public. In fact, Crystal and her husband seem to enjoying showing her off, giving the whole endeavor oddly . . . wholesome? I mean, on its face, Crystal is out there making six figures a month, being a mom and delivering on her husband's cuck-tinged fantasies. If you view this saga from a certain smut-veiled perspective, Crystal is actually kind of a hero:

Moreover, it doesn't appear that Crystal was pushing her proclivities on her community, forcing them to embrace her and her lifestyle. To the contrary, the couple seemed like they were trying to keep her online persona on the down-low and were horrified when they learned others had discovered her accounts. Moreover, the Jackson children shouldn't be punished because their mom does stuff that other schoolmarms find objectionable. She wasn't slinging crack, driving around drunk or trying to burn down a federal courthouse in Portland, no - Crystal was just expressing her freakiness to guys who are willing to pay her good money for a peek.

Crystal wasn't hurting anyone (unless you pay extra, I don't know how that works - I swear), she was just living her life. So leave Crystal alone. In fact, leave all MILFs alone, because the MILF is a sacred thing and worth protecting.

We support you, MILFs.

Happy Wednesday and God Bless America.


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