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Tremendously Intriguing Topical Subjects - 4.19.24

It’s news. It’s sports. It’s commentary on weird shit from around the internet.

It’s Tremendously Intriguing Topical Subjects, our weekly digest of curated links designed to keep you abreast of very important news!

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Very Important News!

Tiffany Gomas: wore an Ultra Right Beer Bikini; kind of broke the internet on Wednesday

Tiffany Gomas Bikini

Tiffany Gomas, a woman best known for having a profanity-fueled breakdown on an airplane, set Twitter abuzz on Wednesday evening by posting the above photo of herself clad in an Ultra Right Beer bikini. If I had to guess, she's become a paid spokeswoman for the brand and posted the photo as part of a sponsorship deal. (UPDATE: Tiffany and the CEO of Ultra Right Beer say that she was NOT paid to post the photo - credit to us for updating this story for accuracy)

If they're not paying her - they should be because a) she looks fantastic wearing their product in bikini form; and b) I hadn't thought about Ultra Right Beer since that calendar they made and even then I didn't care all that much. To be honest, I still don't care all that much, but I do like Tiffany Gomas and the way she's embraced her very odd newfound celebrity. She's "dated" Pardon My Take producer Hank Lockwood (who put a hole in her wall). She's shooting guns. She's having fun. And she's looking good while doing it.

Gomas, who took home Flappr's 2023 MOTY Rookie of the Year Award, is setting the standard for how random internet meme people should handle their fifteen minutes of fame. Tiffany has extended her 14 minutes of fame to a full hour because she's played into the joke with style and finesse. Now, the fact that she's openly repping RW products might close some doors for her. But this choice could, open some others. Can we say with any level of certainty that Secretary of Transportation Gomas is out of the realm of the possible? I cannot.

<begin scene>

*Tiffany attends a Trump rally, she appears on stage, and he mentions her name.*

"Tiffany Gomas is here ladies and gentlemen. <crowd roars>. She was on a plane and saw something! Who knows! Who knows what she saw, am I right? She's on a plane and says that Mother <Trump silently mouths the word> is not real! Tiffany's lucky to have gotten off the plane given how Crooked Joe ruined the airline industry. Doors falling off planes! Not good! Never would've happened if I was president. Who knows, maybe Tiffany can fix things when we win? What do you think? Transportation Secretary Gomas? That sounds nice, right? Tiffany would be better than our current Transportation Secretary. Alfred E. Neuman, I call him. Might be the only guy who takes more time off than Sleepy Joe. Six months of paternity leave, for a GUY! Did you know this? Yes, a train derails and they can't find him! You wouldn't take six months off, would you Tiffany? No, of course not."

<end scene>

Entirely plausible. We're buying tickets to this show, so why not enjoy the ride?

Speaking of . . .

Donald Trump has a habit of surrounding himself with attractive (sometimes very, very, hot) women, most notably Hope Hicks, Kayleigh McEnany, Cassidy Hutchinson, Madeleine Westerhout, Zina Bash, Alyssa Farah and Flappr Milker of the Year Award Honorable Mention recipient, Alina Habba.

This is not, in and of itself, a bad thing! Attractive women are cool and many of them are very good at jobs and stuff. However, if you're just hiring attractive women because they're attractive, then, well . . . you might have a problem. Some of the women listed above proved to be great at their jobs and very loyal! Some of them proved to be incompetent. Some of them no longer support the former President. Some have become outright hostile against him. Some have testified against him and some want him to go to jail.

Margo Martin, who serves as Trump's deputy communications chief, is an attractive woman. She's so attractive that John Roberts of Fox News mistook her for Melania (the most beautiful First Lady in American history) as she entered a courthouse.

According to the article, Margo is a 'communications guru' who served in the Trump White House and is one of the few staffers who remained with the former president after his term ended. Listen, I'm sure she's very good at her job, but I do worry that we may one day see journos frothing at the mouth over a rumor that "she might turn on Trump". For Mr. Trump's sake let's hope that Ms. Martin is more Hope Hicks or Sarah Huckabee than Cassidy Hutchinson or Alyssa Farrah.

Let's also hope that should Mr. Trump somehow retake the White House, he learns that hot does not necessarily equal good at job and/or loyal. Learning from past mistakes is not The Donald's style, though - in which case I hope he appoints Sydney Sweeney to SCOTUS. She'd be great. Oral arguments would become appointment theater. Lots of "umms" and "OMGs", I imagine. Justice Thomas could take her under his wing and make her based. Fun stuff.

Speaking of . . .

Sydney Sweeney not pretty?

Some background is necessary on this one. Apparently, Carol Baum, a goblin-resembling producer who I have never heard of before, told the New York Times that she doesn't 'get' Sydney Sweeney's popularity because Sweeney is "not pretty", "she can't act" and that her film Anyone But You is 'unwatchable'.

In response, Sydney's representative told the Daily Mail that it was 'sad' that a woman in Baum's position chose to 'attack another woman' and her decision to 'disparage a fellow female producer speaks volumes about Ms. Baum's character.'

Can you believe this woman kicked the hornet's nest of the most Hallowed Heavies in Hollywood? This Baum wench thinks she's going to take down the woman who deposed the Kardashian era of demonstrative dumpers and ushered in the Age of Mommy Milkers. The absolute BALLS on this broad!

Look, Sydney Sweeney is a star. Some stars become stars because they're terrific actors. Some stars become stars because they're funny. And some stars become stars because when they're on the screen you can't take your eyes off them. Sweeney probably falls most suitably in the latter of these categories. She has a presence and energy that captivates audiences and steals the screen from her co-stars. People want to watch her. That's why she's popular, Carol.

And to say that Sydney Sweeney is 'not pretty' feels as petty and personal as it does ridiculous and wrong. The only people I've seen who share this opinion are pink-haired landwhale communists and far-right incel contrarian types. Sydney Sweeney is not just pretty, she's beautiful. Perhaps not she's pretty in the same way that a supermodel is pretty, but she's 'most-beautiful-girl-next-door-ever' type of pretty - which, for most guys, is the preferable type of pretty.

As for her acting . . . well, Sydney Sweeney is very pretty. (I kid. I kid.) I've seen Ms. Sweeney act in a few different projects and she's perfectly fine. Her best performance was probably as the cunty, manipulative, libtard daughter in season one of The White Lotus. A part that required her to dial down her looks and act alongside several veteran actors. So, while she may not be the next Tilda Swinton, she might be the next Goldie Hawn and that's a good thing!

As for Anyone But You, I haven't seen it, but the film grossed $218 million, making it the highest-grossing romantic comedy in years - and it included this scene:

So that Baum lady can suck an egg. She came for the queen and missed terribly.

Yes, I just wrote 500 words in defense of Sydney Sweeney. No, that's not pathetic. If I don't stand up for the All-American Girl, who will?

Yeah, that's weird. No dad should ever appear naked in front of his children and the same goes for moms after the age of, like, two or so, and that's only appropriate in very few settings (i.e., bathing). This is probably not child abuse unless she's swinging those Mummy Milkers (British spelling) around to her 'jollies off' . . . but it's very European. Which means it's very weird. The 'parading naked' part especially. I mean, chances are you've seen mom's boobs before - but it was (hopefully) accidental and (hopefully) traumatizing. I can't imagine my mom purposefully parading around the house naked. That's just so messed up.

According to the article, this mum says she doesn't 'have a problem with [her] kids seeing [her] naked' and at the end of the day 'it’s only a pair of t*ts.' No, it's not only a pair of tits, it's their mom's pair of tits. Those are very different sets of tits.

It doesn't matter if they're nice tits (which hers appear to be) or less nice tits - if they're your mom's tits - they're fucking gross. For example, you may rubberneck at the sight of Nancy Mace's big boobs in a bikini bouquet, but her children, if given the same opportunity, would (hopefully) avert their gaze in disgust.

Nancy Mace Bikini

Make sense? Context matters and it matters here more than anywhere else.

So, yeah, I think some shaming here is in order. Don't parade around nekkid in front of your children. Don't be so . . . European. Hide your shame. Save the kids.

Remember American Idol? I wasn't aware it was still on TV. It used to be huge, though. People used to talk about it at school. People were invested in who would win! In that first season (back in 2002, holy shit), Kelly Clarkson became a household name. The whole cast became insta-celebrties.

That's how TV was back then and it was kind of nice. Outside of live sports (and following wars on Twitter), shared entertainment experiences no longer exist. They have been replaced by streaming - which, isn't necessarily a bad thing. Being able to watch shows you missed without having to wait for reruns live is a big quality of life improvement. However, nothing happens in a vacuum. You gain something. You lose something. Causality and all that.

Remember Katy Perry? She was an heiress to the era of female pop star dominance established by Brittney Spears, Jessica Simpson, and Christina Aguilera (and Madonna before them) and had, perhaps, The Most Scintillating Set of Skinthesizers to ever sit upon a Songstress. A Dairy-Duet for the ages.

We haven't heard much from Katy in recent years. I think her last moment of peak cultural relevance was her Super Bowl halftime performance in 2015. You know, the one with the shark dude who didn't know the choreography and kind of just shuffled around on stage like a dipshit. Then she cut off her hair, started doing political activism stuff, and faded a bit off the radar (causality and all that). She had a baby (with Orlando Bloom? No shit) and seems to have settled into this American Idol gig. Good for her!

The outfit at the source of Katy's wardrobe malfunction was ugly as sin, though. What the hell was it supposed to be? Looks like someone welded a piece of scrap metal to her chest. Well apparently it kept falling off and Fox News (which according to our critics must be a sm*t blog) decided to share it with you.

Fascinating stuff. Moving on.

Bart Reviews: Fallout (again)

I shared a quick review last week, after only watching the first few episodes, and said the show was not filled with wokeness, was pretty faithful to Fallout canon, and was a rare video game adaptation worth watching.

Well, I finished the show this week and have not changed my mind. It's not perfect, but it's good and much better than the average offering made available on streaming platforms these days. A lot of dudes on Twitter, like @oilfield_rando, @th3v0t4ry, and @jonnymicro, agreed with me.

The strength of the show is how well it captures the aesthetic of the Fallout Universe. They use a lot of practical effects, costumes, and real locations (rather than everything being shit-level CGI). The Wasteland feels like an apocalyptic hellscape rife with danger. Big props to the production crew.

I'm not as studied up on Fallout lore as some, but the story they chose to tell makes a lot of sense. A naive vault dweller, on a mission to save her dad, ventures out into the dangerous unknown, must adapt to survive, meets a host of characters, and uncovers some mysteries to set up season 2. It's pretty much the only story arch capable of translating this universe to a mainstream audience. Based on what I remember from the games, the show leans mostly on the plot from Fallout 3 but drops easter eggs from the entries from the series as well.

The acting is above par as well. Walton Goggins (Baby Billy Freeman, host of Baby Billy's Bible Bonkers), predictably, steals the show, though. He plays Cooper Howard, an actor-turned-irradiated-ghoul who fucks shit up and serves as the connecting link between pre-and-post nuclear holocaust. He's a highly under-appreciated actor and this role might be the one to make him a household name.

Ella Purnell plays Lucy, the beautiful, doe-eyed, protagonist of the story and she does a good job portraying a bubbly-do-gooder that becomes hardened by her journey. When the trailer came out, I was worried we were going to get another sassy girl-boss who knows everything, and physically dominates men twice her size. She's not! She gets her ass kicked by things you would expect would kick her ass! She's also never left the vault before and her naivete has consequences!

Now, while Fallout resists the urge to adopt most of the tropes that ruin most shows these days, there are a few moments of modern messaging scattered throughout. There is a non-binary member of the Brotherhood of Steel and 'theys' pronouns are respected. And the version of 1950's America depicted in this universe is far more . . . diverse and inclusive than the one that existed in reality. I'm sure I missed some others. So the show does contain some cringe, but far less than what we've come to expect in recent years.


My biggest problem with the show is how the plot leans into improbable narrative conveniences. By the end of season one, we learn that somehow all of the important characters on this show are connected. The multi-racial Brotherhood of Steel guy, who falls in love with Lucy, also lived in the town built by the communist antagonist lady (whom Walton Goggins met 200 years ago), which was blown up by Lucy's dad, who worked for Walton Goggins' wife at Vault-Tec, which acquired and then shelved the communist lady's 'cold fusion' invention (pfft).

I hate when shows do that. Fallout didn't need to introduce all of these plotlines in season one. It would've been more fun if the story was just Lucy trying to find her dad and didn't include this intricate web of plot conveniences. They could've slowly unraveled things over several seasons.

I also didn't buy that Vault-Tec thought nuclear annihilation was a more financially sound decision than monetizing cold fusion, which would be the most profitable technological discovery in the history of mankind. That made no sense and felt like a contrivance to justify the plot (and villainize capitalism).

The show does lose steam after episode 5 or 6, with the finale being the worst of the entire season. Not sure if that bodes well for the future of the series.

Oh well. It is still worth watching. Probably like a 7/10 or so.


Regular News!

Last week I shared with you an essay from Uri Berliner, a liberal then-editor at NPR, published in The Free Press, that exposed nothing that we didn't already know. Berliner's article, titled I’ve Been at NPR for 25 Years. Here’s How We Lost America’s Trust, shared his account from within the newsroom and detailed how NPR botched Russiagate, Wuhan-Lableak-Gate, and Hunter-Biden-Laptop-Gate. He says he researched the political leanings of the NPR's editorial staff and found 87 registered Democrats and 0 Republicans. Again, he just told us stuff that we already knew.

Well, NPR suspended Berliner for five days without pay on Monday for 'failing to secure approval for outside work for other news outlets'. I'm sure that policy has been enforced uniformly over the years and wasn't uniquely deployed here to punish dissent. Yep. Nothing to see here. Just an HR issue! Berliner resigned on Wednesday, which, is probably the smart move.

In reality, NPR, its staff, and their new, libtard-brained, WW CEO, proved what Berliner wrote to be true.

As I said last week, nothing will be learned from this episode. NPR will conduct zero self-assessment, will change nothing about how it operates, and will continue being a bubble filled with white liberals talking about things that allegedly plague minorities (while the minorities are off doing something else).

I'm going to be honest here and say that I don't have the energy to delve into the specifics of this disgraceful shit. We all knew Mayorkas wasn't going to be convicted and removed, so I'm guessing that they just didn't want to have a trial that would serve (mainly) as an opportunity for the GOP to highlight how many illegal aliens have entered the country since Biden took office. They know his derelict open-borders policy is his biggest political liability heading into 2024 and they don't want the public to have as little exposure to the truth as possible.

It's also worth noting here that the Democrats have, once again, created a new precedent (like when Harry Reid nuked the filibuster for all presidential nominees except those to SCOTUS). I think they will regret this decision and they might regret this sooner than you think.

Unfortunately for former President Trump, unlike Alejandro Mayorkas, he cannot ask a partisan US Senate to dismiss the charges against him and avoid trial for "falsifying business records" in New York. No, that trial began this week and serve as jerk material for journos and hyper-political blue-wave Twitter addicts.

I do get a kick out of the notion that Alvin Bragg has a "trial plan' against Trump. The article says that Bragg plans to try and get The Donald to 'contradict himself' should Trump take the stand. Oh. Wow. Brilliant stuff. Not at all like what every over lawyer does in every single trial ever.

The truth here is that the 'plan' is more of a 'hope' that Bragg got enough Biden-voting New Yorkers on the jury to secure a conviction, despite most liberal observers agreeing that his case was weak. In lieu of conviction, this serves as another opportunity for Democrats to dredge up the moral failings of the former president and publicly humiliate him. They love doing that.

I don't think Trump is convicted. But we'll see what happens.

(**Editor's Note** This has been a very Trump-heavy edition of T.I.T.S. I don't keep track of such metrics, but this might be the most Trump mentions I've ever included - meaning this is a YUUUUUUGE edition of T.I.T.S. YUUUUGE T.I.T.S.)

The one in which Robert Stacy McCain shares with you a fun word search game for Alameda County District Attorney, Pamela Price's forthcoming recall vote:

"What do you think these three stories by the major network affiliates in the San Francisco Bay area have in common? Let’s see . . .

CTRL+F “Democrat” = 0 results

CTRL+F “Soros” = 0 results"

Weird! I guess those affiliates didn't think those words registered as important to the story! For some reason, I don't think they omit phrases like "Trump-backed" or "MAGA-aligned" in similar scenarios. Funny that.

The one in which David Thompson shares with you the rudimentary rhetorics offered by Palestinian protestors blocking the Golden Gate Bridge:

"Note the lofty defense offered by our pronoun-stipulating champion of the obstruction – that “protests are meant to be disruptive. It’s the whole point.”

A protest, then, is not meant to persuade the general public, or to get them on-side, or to make others sympathetic with whatever this week’s cause may be. But simply to be disruptive. To gratuitously frustrate, and aggravate, large numbers of law-abiding people. To exert power. By doing random harm. That’s “the whole point.” A vision doubtless attractive to those with antisocial inclinations.

Ah yes, such brilliance reminds me of the genius contained within "Antifa literally means Anti-Fascist, if you're against Antifa then you must be pro-fascist". Well-considered stuff there. Fuck me, how did we get here? I swear things were less retarded when we were kids.


Sports News!

The Stanley Cup Playoffs: start on Saturday.

I ignored my long-term hatred of the Detroit Red Wings this season and rooted for them in solidarity and support of Chicago Blackhawk legend, Patrick Kane. They repaid me by missing the fucking playoffs, despite coming from behind and winning their last two games of the season. This makes me sad. Fuck you, Detroit. I hate you again (unless Patrick Kane re-signs there in the offseason, in which case . . . we'll figure something out).

For the actual participants in this spring's tourney to take home the greatest trophy in sports, much is at stake. If you've never watched hockey. Watch playoff hockey this weekend. The pace is frantic. The quality of play ratchets up. Every puck battle is a war. Any stupid penalty might mean death. Games will go into overtime, then double overtime, and sometimes triple or quadruple overtime before a bouncing puck ruins someone's evening. Ankles will be shattered. Teeth will be lost. Much fun will be had by all (unless your team loses).

Here are some teams to watch going into round one of the playoffs:

New York Islanders - the team from Long Island squeaked into the playoffs after winning eight of their last nine (one SO loss) games. They're hot, scrappy, and a pain in the ass to play against. They are the exact type of team that comes from nowhere to make a deep playoff run.

New York Rangers - they won the President's Cup (most points in the regular season), which means they'll likely lose in the first round like Boston did last season. In fact, eight President's Cup winners have lost in the first round with the 2012-13 Chicago Blackhawks being the last regular-season champs to win the Stanley Cup. The Rangers are quite good, though. Artemi Panarin finished 4th in the league with 120 points. The Blackhawks traded Panarin in 2017 and have sucked ever since . . . that's not relevant to this discussion, but it makes me sad.

Edmonton Oilers - they have Connor McDavid, see more below for more.

Colorado Avalanche - the 2022 champs still have Nathan MacKinnon, Cale Makar, and Mikko Rantanen. This team led the league in goals scored (tied with Toronto). They're very good and will likely make another deep playoff run. But let's hope they don't! Because Flappr Chief Legal Correspondent, @jarvis_best, is an Avalanche fan and such an obnoxious dickhole when the Avs win. Jarvis does not deserve to be happy. It will be funnier if they lose. I hope they fail spectacularly.

Toronto Maple Leafs - the Leafs led the league in scoring behind American-born, Auston Matthews' 69 goals (nice). The Leafs also have William Nylander, Morgan Rielly, John Tavares, and other good dudes that I can't think of off the top of my head. The point is that they're a deep and talented roster. Here's the other point - the Leafs haven't made a conference final since 2001 and when they get eliminated it's typically via some soul-crushing, Game 7 loss. Like in 2019, when they blew a 3-1 series lead to the Bruins. Or in 2018, when they fought back from a 3-1 series deficit only to lose in Game 7 to the Bruins. Or in 2013, when they held a 4-1 lead on the Bruins with five minutes left in Game 7 and somehow lost in OT. You get the idea . . . oh, and look, they play Boston in the first round this year. That's going to be the can't-miss series of Round One this year.

So, yeah. Maybe one of these teams will win. Who knows.

Connor McDavid: had 100 assists this season.

In the history of the NHL, only four players have recorded 100 assists in a single season: Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, Bobby Orr, and, now, Connor McDavid. (Fun fact: Gretzky accomplished this feat ELEVEN times while the rest did once). McDavid might be the best hockey player I've ever seen (I missed Gretzky and Lemieux in their primes). He's certainly the best skater I've ever seen - seriously, watch how effortlessly McDavid can accelerate and change directions. It's surreal.

The thing with McDavid is that he's never won a cup. In fact, he's only made one conference final and the Oilers got swept by the Avalanche. So, until he does, his resume has this huge gaping whole that can only be filled by Lord Stanely's long, silver and nickel, vessel of glory.

This year's Oilers' team is stacked. They scored the 4th most goals and gave up the 7th fewest. This might be the squad that finally breaks through and becomes the first Canadian team to hoist the Stanley Cup since 1993. Part of me is rooting for Edmonton because I think McDavid is the most talented athlete in professional sports today. But the other part of me thinks it's really funny that Canada hasn't had the cup in Canada for over 30 years. That's what they do up there! It's their whole identity! Hockey, mooses, and loonies! And they can't win! Embarrassing!

Either way, the Oilers are a must-watch team in the Playoffs.

UPDATE: Tampa Bay Lightning Winger, Nikita Kucherov, notched his 100th assist on Wednesday, becoming the FIFTH player in NHL history to hit that mark.

Bill Belichick: is back (doing broadcast work)

I wish he was still coaching an NFL team (maybe the Bears next year?) and I'm not sure if he'll be a great fit alongside Pat McAfee, but I am happy to see William Stephen Belichick's beautiful smile once more.

What a huge get for McAfee. I wouldn't have watched his show on draft night, but now I will, because I need to know what BB is going to say. He might be boring, but I think we're going to get to see a more fun side of the greatest coach of all time. I just don't think he will be able to keep his opinions tucked away the whole show. He's going to say something demeaning. He's going to be funny (unintentional or otherwise). I'm now more excited for this stream than I am for the Bears drafting Caleb Williams. Appointment television.

I knew Paige hadn't lost her edge. I knew that she had a good reason for her lack of elite Masters week thirst posting. Paige wasn't slacking off. Paige wasn't taking her status for granted. No, Paige was watching The Masters live at Augusta National, where they don't allow phones.

She wasn't posting elite content because she didn't have her phone with her! Duh!

Last week I told you that Paige takes her role as eGirl sports influencer queen very seriously and wouldn't just 'forget to post'. You didn't believe me, did you? That's a shame because not only did Paige post that banger photo - she paired it with an apology to you and all Americans, regardless of race, creed, or religious affiliation.

That's the rise n' grind mindset that helped Paige reach the top of the mountain. That's recognition that what matters is what's on the front of her uniform, and not what's on the back (yes, that's a malapropism, but it's funny . . . think about it). That's the mark of a champion with no intentions of abdicating her throne. That's why it's no shock that Paige, now freely able to make use of her phone, posted some heaters this week on Snap Chat (which I didn't know was still a thing):

Sports eGirl dominance is rented, never owned - and rent is due every day.

**Editor's Note** While extremely unlikely, it's funny for me to think that it might be possible that Paige read last week's T.I.T.S., saw my critique of her social media absence during Masters week, and felt like it was necessary to explain herself and apologize. I know the likelihood of this being true hovers around .0001%, but imagine her reading what I wrote and taking it seriously. How funny would that be?

Kayla Simmons: has me worried.

Earlier this week Kayla Simmons posted this video on Instagram - top-tier thirst by any measure. And yet, the only outlet I could find that picked up and wrote about this post was The Sun in its story Kayla Simmons shows off major underboob and bum in ‘sensual’ video as fans say ‘I could watch this all day’. Not Outkick. Not Barstool. Not Black Sports Online. Only The Sun.

That's concerning.

Why is Kayla not generating more blog traffic with her thirst? I don't think it's fair to say that she peaked too soon as the quality of her posting has only improved over time. However, I worry that Ms. Simmons' social media genius is being lost in the oversaturated sea of clout chasers. In many ways, we are in the midst of a Gilded Age of eGirls. The standard has risen so high that a blue chipper like Kayla might struggle to stand out.

We're not witnessing the faltering of a top prospect. But we may be witnessing Philip Rivers-type career greatness being overlooked because she played in the same era as Brady (Spiranac), Rodgers (Dunne), Manning (Rajek), and Brees (Demaiter). That would be a shame. A career should be judged on its own merits. We will do our best to ensure that Kayla gets her due respect.

We must investigate the literalness of this BSO headline (for journalistic purposes):

hockey goalie mikayla

After thoroughly researching the images described in this headline (journalistic purposes), I can confirm that the photos do indeed feature 'Hockey Goalie Mikayla Demaiter' showing off her 'Assets' in a wild 'Grey Knitted Bikini'.

This is a literal BSO headline and I will never stop finding it funny that BSO calls Mikayla Demaiter's big boobs 'assets'. Makes me laugh every time.


Meme of the Week!

This week's honors goes to @apparentlysteve for this dark, but funny, meme. I don't typically like to make light of tragedies, but the people who blocked the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and the entryway to O'Hare Airport in Chicago bring out the worst in me.

They just do. They make me cynical and angry.

I do not want them to suffer the same as those who perished on the Francis Scott Key bridge, but they're so fucking annoying and their style of 'is not protected speech in my opinion. Fuck those people.

This meme is clever. Well done, Steve. Give him a follow.


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