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Flappr's 2023 Movie of the Year

Dear Reader,

Was there any doubt?

OPPENHEIMER is a pinnacle of what the art of film can accomplish. Costumes, sound, score, acting, make-up and hair, effects, editing, all combined in a tightly wound clock of a film. Three hours long and not one wasted second.

There are many reasons that it deserves this award.

It is a three-hour character drama that's half in black and white, but it made a billion dollars. It quite possibly saved the film industry by coming into existence. In a year where blockbusters flopped and flopped hard left and right, it is a ray of sunshine that we are not losing movies yet.

And beyond that, just the subject matter. It is the study of a man who built a nuclear weapon but fucked the world and himself because he could not stop palling around with commies. He could not stop cheating on his wife with commies. If he had just been a good American and thrown all the commies out of his life from the beginning, the Soviets would have never developed the bomb.

The threat of nuclear war might have been close to nil. Christopher Nolan takes Oppenheimer to task for this: The only good commie, is a dead commie.

Being hot is not an excuse either! Florence Pugh spends half her screen time naked. But she is still a communist. It does not matter how great her boobs look in 70mm!

Just because she puts her great tits on a giant screen and has hot sex in three different scenes does not mean. . . . wait where was I going with this?

Oh right. If the entire movie were just the Trinity Test scene, it would still be the clear winner. But what is wild about this movie is that the Trinity Test is not even close to the climax of the film.

It is only the beginning.

Ignore anyone who says they do not make great movies anymore. They are wrong.

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Jan 05

Ditto! It was great!!

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