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Danish Double DDs Drive Dynamic Discourse On Twitter

Today is Thursday, Rome is burning while our nominal, demented, leader gives his used mask to Supreme Court Justice, Stephen Breyer and his DHS Secretary refuses to enforce our existing border laws.

But if you're looking for more doom and gloom, you can go read Rolling Stone, an outlet that has spent the better part of the past year covering Joe Rogan's opinions on vaccines and COVID. Seriously, just go look at the top three trending stories on Rolling Stone's website - all about Joe Rogan and his vaccine stance, which is basically "you should get the vaccine, but I'm not sure you need it if you're young and healthy".

Fucking losers.

Anyways, here at Flappr, we're intent on covering stories that uplift, stories that inspire, stories that YOU care about. . . like barrel chested brigadiers that send Twitter into a frenzy. Like this photo of Danish defense minister Trine Bramsen that dropped yesterday:

Good heavens, that's an awful lot of Danish dairy to drop on a Wednesday morning. You need to allow people the opportunity to wake up a little and let the taurine from their Monster Energy Drink take effect before sharing such a demonstrative display of decadent Dane disco-balls.

I mean just get a load of these Copenhagen Casabas, they're so big (and her shirt is so small) that they're about to launch a button through the space time continuum:

Listen, I'm sure she's very good at her job.

These Nippled-Norse-Nukes are putting so many pounds of pressure on those bazooka-bridling-buttons that, for them to maintain their structural integrity, one can only assume they are made of tit-tanium . . . or were bitten by a radioactive spider.

The Plot of Spider Man 4?

Either way, this photo of Ms. Trine (who I am sure is very good at her job) drove the boys on Twitter absolutely crazy:


Just asking questions - does she have a sworn duty here?


Oh yeah, totally forgot about that war thing - sounds bad.

See, this is why you need use clever euphemisms like Nippled-Norse-Nukes, makes it way classier, imo.

Lenny Dykstra?

Wait a second, is that JAC?

As-in contributor JAC?

As-in the person who wrote and handed out our 2021 Milkers of the Year Award, JAC?

What the fuck? Why isn't our Milkers-expert writing this Milkers blog? It's not like I don't have other things to do, you know.

Between helping with the writing and editing of our popular (though not popular enough) video series The Russian Revolution - Good Thing, Bad Thing? having a full-time job, my family and running this blog - I can barely keep my head above water.

But JAC? He's got no problem dropping pervy euphemisms in the replies instead of doing his duty on this blog.

What a lazy EYE-talian slob.

Oh well. Go watch this video and make the Flappr experiment worthwhile.

Happy Thursday and God Bless America


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