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Flappr's @Richard_Harambe Excellence in Memeing Award

The Good Doctor, Doc, Harambe, The People's Champion, "Richard on Twitter."

The man, the myth, the legend.

An OG shitposter that has served as an inspiration to an untold amount of shitposting disciples. @Richard_Harambe embodies all that it means to be a twitter shitposter, a man whose relentless, daily, efforts on the Twitter battlefields have brought tears of laughter to his allies and tears of pain to Libs far and wide. Please take a minute to enjoy some of his finer work, as highlighted by Fox and Friends:

Thus, there is no human more deserving of having Flappr's Excellence in Memeing Award named after him that, Mr. @Richard_Harambe.

So it is with great honor that we bestow the 2020 @Richard_Harambe Excellence in Memeing Award to @DrumpfH8er6969 for this mucho texto masterpiece:

This poorly cropped, unreadable and overstretch image racked up an astonishing 12k retweets along with an equally impressive 33k likes on Twitter, making this travesty one of the most miserable and therefore best examples of “The Left Can't Meme".

While there was stiff (lol, phrasing) competition for top meme and there were many memes that had more engagement - this treasure trove of terrible pulled in BIG numbers despite the account having only 12 followers. How Xer (according to Xer's Twitter bio) was able to fit an entire CNN article and almost get the margins cropped correctly was just plain stunning AND brave.

Bravo! Keep up the good work and for you readers out there please go show @DrumpfH8er6969 some love.

And to @Richard_Harambe, we speak your name.

Cheers and Happy New Year! Pat


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