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American Mao: A Ted Talk

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There is a very important message I have been trying to get across to my liberal friends whether it be in clever, slightly fictitious, and completely hilarious stories about Kami-H and the Jacobin Temple of Doom or in more straight forward analysis of facts such as the previous editions of American Mao. I do fear as though I have allowed for too much nuance so I am going to try again this time in a form I know my “Let Them Eat Cake” liberal friends will understand, A Ted Talk.

If you are reading this from your comfortable home, if you have a 401k, if you take several vacations in a year, if you eat at restaurants that don’t serve donkey sauce the rioters are not your friends. The people in the streets destroying property do not see a difference between you and me. They do not see a difference between Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump. Those who have taken to the streets won’t have to turn on you if they win because they were never on your side.

You are probably thinking at this moment “Nero you are out of your damn mind”. Well you know what Ted Wheeler, mayor of Portland, probably would have thought that as well. Nobody in a position of power has placated Antifa and BLM more than Ted Wheeler and how have they repaid him?

Mayor Wheeler had just sent this angry letter to President Trump refusing federal assistance to quell the riots and he was repaid by the rioters chaining themselves in his condo building demanding complete disbandment of the police and Mayor Wheeler’s resignation.

Even a police force so completely neutered that it cannot clear out the mayor’s condo is not good enough for these people.

They want to get rid of the police so nobody can stop them from enforcing their will on others. This Antifa/BLM leader says it herself right here

These rioters/protesters/insurgents whatever you want to call them are not your friends. They want to take from you as much as they want to from me or anyone else. If they succeed the first people they take from will be those who instigated them:

History is filled with so called moderate voices egging on the mob in order to achieve power. Not only does usually end poorly for those they are trying to topple but it always ends poorly for those who encouraged the mob. In a previous edition I included a video with a great synopsis of the 1789 French Revolution that we are seeing replayed in our cities here.

The truth is that these riots are not going to stop if Joe Biden is elected President. They will actually get worse because those behind them will see a feckless and craven administration that encouraged them to begin with. They will see weaker police forces in these cities which will only increase their appetite for destruction. The election of Joe Biden will in no uncertain terms invigorate the mob.

The cure is worse than the disease is a trope we have been throwing around a lot lately. Usually in terms of the shutdown in response to Covid-19 but here it has to do with the state of politics. The sad truth is that Democrats in their hostility over the results of the 2016 election have aligned themselves with some of the worst forces in human history. They are not playing lip service to them either they are full on promoting them as the future. Where as the GOP removed Steve King from all of his committee assignments and the GOP voters primaried him out the Dems openly support and renominated Ilhan Omar and her rabid antisemitism.

If you enjoy your comfortable life, especially if you live a big city, your only choice in November is to vote Republican. The Democrats have gone completely the way of British Labor Party while the GOP is much more aligned with British Torries of today. Personally, on an economic front, the GOP is way too far to the left for me. The problem is that the Dems are even further to the left and way out in left field on everything else.

I’ll ask you to perform this one simple task. Seriously look at your life. Do you really think you would benefit from wholesale changes to the economic system? If you do not think the kind of people who will destroy an immigrant’s business represent the kind of system you are looking for

If you understand that insurance isn’t going to cover the damage done by these riots and the lives of innocent people are forever damaged because of them

If you think that promoting the idea that looting is good and that small businesses are bad

Then you really have no reasonable choice but to hold your nose and vote Republican in November buying the Democrats time to come back to their senses.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk. I shall leave you with this…..


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