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American Mao

Human civilization is at a fork in the road again. As it is every century or so and yet the lessons of every upheaval never seem to be learned. The most amusing part of this is that it is the people who yell the most about not learning from history that walk right into the same nightmare over and over again. The United States of America has a full on Maoist insurrection going on in it’s cities and those who stand to lose the most from it are simply turning a blind eye because they don’t like the President of the United States. It’s not that they don’t like what he has done as President as much as they just don’t like him so they are letting those who have some strange devotion to a failed ideology run amok.

Let’s get this out the way right now. No all liberals are not Marxists or Maoists. In fact the majority are fine people who honestly believe that they can make the world better for everyone. They cannot but that is a whole different story. What we have going on here is a small, by percentage, group on the left that is using the hatred of the President by the liberals to push to their agenda. Most liberals won’t believe when I tell them what is going on because they are good decent people who could never believe that a brutal totalitarian regime is waiting in the wings to seize power. The liberals that formed the National Convention in France never for a minute believed the Committee of Public Safety would go around lopping people’s heads off, including many members of the National Convention, but…..

Now as for using Maoist to define the type of communist insurrection we are seeing in the US it is simply that Maoism has a stronger connection to the American intellectual left from the 1960’s forward than the other branches of the Marx ideology. Most of the Central American leftist revolutions were considered to be Maoist so it just fits better in the Americas. Which brings me to this. What is the true purpose of “Defund the Police”? Is it to save lives? Not at all. In fact in the cities where the police have stood down we have seen a major uptick in shootings. The purpose of defunding the police is to create a power vacuum. That is Maoism in America 101

Now we are going to take a closer look at what has happened in Kenosha as it is very clearly a well organized campaign of terror and not just some random acts of violence because people are pissed off that the police shot a suspect. They are being very specific with the targets they are hitting with the intent on completely destabilizing the community. For example they have been hitting garbage trucks.

What is the purpose of hitting garbage trucks other than to deny services to the people. Creating for lack of a better term a power vacuum. The insurgents are striking at private businesses thus knocking out the economic base of Kenosha.

That is what is going on at night. During the day the insurgents are going up to citizens and intimidating them into showing solidarity with the insurgency.

What you are witnessing here are tried and true revolutionary tactics. Attacking garbage collection will lead to a buildup of refuse creating crisis for the community. Then a revolutionary group will go around cleaning up the garbage in an attempt to win over the hearts and minds of the community. Attacking businesses creates supply shortages the revolutionaries can then “fix” the problem they created by providing the barest essentials to the community. Intimidating citizens wears down their resolve to stand up to the revolutionaries. This is basic psychological warfare and it has happened time and again in Latin America from the 60's until today. It is now just right in our backyard.

Will it succeed? Probably not but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be concerned. Revolutions almost never succeed and when they do it always comes as a shock. Not to those who 100 percent opposed the ideology of the revolutionaries but to those who were sympathetic to their cause and who without fail have the revolution turn on them. If you are reading this and you have sympathy for the leftist movement I ask you is this ever okay?

Look I am not worried at all about myself. I live in a part of the country where there are far too many armed citizens and a really nice stand your ground law to be concerned about the insanity we are seeing in places like Kenosha. The Sadistic/Sociopathic side of me wants to witness the chaos. The rest of me though, the part I hate that actually doesn’t want to see harm come to innocent humans, wants to point out what you are witnessing. You probably think I am being an alarmist and that this is just a normal protest. I can understand why you would think that way. Most people don’t think like revolutionaires. Most people have never thought out how they would take over a country just to amuse themselves. I am not most people and those who know me best would tell you if I say be concerned about something it is best to be concerned.

That is enough seriousness for the evening. I will be back to you usual jovial nihilistic self tomorrow and with that in mind I will leave with this montage of insurgency in our cities set the to song “Keep Your Rifle By Your Side” put together by Flappr’s own AsTheWorldBurnz

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What we are seeing is not an organic event of the people. We are seeing paid activists being filmed by a paid news media to report a planned narrative. The worlds shadow government is trying to make a nwo that will be ruled from mount zion. American values are being subverted for many decades now . Are values have been subverted until where we are now to have an angry mob willing to burn and pillage and have organizers on scene to set the narrative. Defund the police is a campaign that has been done in other brutal revolutions and ot would seem like defunding the police will change the city leaders around and that will allow the mob…

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