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American Mao 2: The Battle of Kenosha

So shortly after I published “American Mao” last night the insurrection in Kenosha took a twist. As I said last night I did not expect the Maoists in Kenosha to succeed where I was wrong however is that I expected the authorities to finally step up and do their jobs. What happened instead was the citizens of Kenosha defended their city themselves.

Now because the completely unfair and dishonest way the media covers these things the first thing I am going to do is dispel the rumor that the alleged shooter was a white supremacist:


Also it is important to know that those shot were not unarmed 'peaceful protesters'. They were causing wanton destruction:

And were anything but unarmed:

That was self-defense.

What is happening in Kenosha is exactly why people have the right to defend themselves and why the Democrats are wrong when then have their Furries saying things like:

We literally have insurgents telling business owners that it is illegal for the business owner to prevent them from destroying their property

This whole situation was caused by the ineptitude of the leaders in Minneapolis, Portland, and Seattle. They let these insurgents believe that they would be able to get away with anything. Gave them the belief that it was illegal to stop them for destroying private property. So now when they come up against people who aren’t going to put up with it they lose their damn minds. The blame for last night’s shootings is squarely on those in power that attempted appeasement with the “Defund the Police” crowd instead of spanking them before it got out of hand. Instead they have to deal with Rooftop Americans:

However it does seem this will all be over soon. You see, CNN’s Don Lemon noticed last night that the riots are showing up in the focus groups and it is bad for Biden.

This means that soon the Democrat Governors will have to start calling in the National Guard. Not because they care about public safety or private property but because they don’t want to lose an election.


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