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American Mao: Round Up

When I wrote “American Mao” a couple of nights ago I had no idea it would turn into a series but then again I never expected the United States to be in the midst of Maoist insurrection but here we are. Tonight though we aren’t going to talk about Kenosha so much though. Tonight we are starting out where all this insanity began in Minneapolis.

Last night in Minneapolis a man wanted for murder decided to take his own life instead of being arrested.

Now a man committing suicide cannot possibly turn into a riot over police burtality can it? It’s 2020 and we have people who want to take down the United States so of course it can you silly naive human. Roll the tape:

You know how to fight police brutality don’t you? Obviously the answer is loot a Saks Fifth Avenue

Fortunately, because of that polling data mentioned at the end of “American Mao: 2” the National Guard was brought in so we shouldn’t see a repeat of the Battle of Kenosha.

Speaking of Kenosha we have a couple of updates from the Maoist insurrection there. First off it seems that Israel is to blame for the death of Jacob Blake or something

In good news from Kenosha the police are apparently allowed to do their job again and arrested some commie terrorists before they could cause any trouble

Anyone want to bet that stories like this, along with that polling data Don Lemon mentioned, are why once again the Police can do their damn job?

You know who I really blame for all of this resurgence of commie bullshit? Netflix. They started this whole 80’s nostalgia with “Stranger Things” and now we are back to dealing with Commie sleeper cells or whatever. Speaking of that, the new Call of Duty is apparently upsetting the media because it involves killing commies.

Still don’t think the media is taking a side? Well if you don’t I have a few things to show you:

CNN actually went with the Chyron “Fiery but mostly peaceful protests”. What the fuck is that supposed to mean? “Well they destroyed the city in a very peaceful manner” - Jeff Zucker, probably

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel also got in on the “how can I possibly slant this to help my political side” game with this banger of a headline:

Oh and PBS White House Correspondent Yamiche Alcindor decided that a paraplegic GOP congressional candidate standing for the national anthem was like racist or something.

Finishing up with Virginia where the Democrat controlled Senate has decided to lower the punishment for assaulting a police officer

This of course has lead to outrage from the boys in blue

Apparently the Virginia Senate wants the Rittenhouse family to come patrol their streets because if that bill becomes law the police will quit or refuse to put themselves in a situation where they could be assaulted. Which is of course part of the Maoist plan to create a power vacuum.

In closing here I will state that while this is very bleak there are positive signs. C-Span reported last night during the Republican National Convention the following on their phone lines.

It seems that violent communism is still a tough sell in America which means there is still hope. I wrote in “California Must Be Stopped” that there was no rational reason to vote Democrat for any race in November and what is absolutely insane is that over the past 10 days or so that has become even more apparent than it already was. Somehow we have created a world where a Donald Trump led Republican Party is the only rational choice for anyone who loves their freedom.


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