• Nero

California Must Be Stopped At All Costs

I woke up this morning to a soft rain storm with thunder in the distance. The nights had been getting cooler again which is especially good when you are a pirate who lives on a boat. I thought this would probably be a good day to catch up on some thoughts, maybe bless you all with the next chapter of the Kami-H saga, but I opened up Twitter and to see former California Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown yelling at Californians to turn up their thermostats.

It got me thinking about how if we lived in a sane and rational society this election would be a landslide for the Republicans. Of course we don’t live in a sane and rational society because if were Donald Trump wouldn’t be President nor would Obama have been elected but that is another story.

While the Democrats are having their convention we are seeing the results of their policies playing out in real time. The current rolling blackout situation in California would, in a rational world, put anyone who even gets close to supporting the Green New Deal on their way to Gitmo not on the ballot in any race. California is a large state that had, at one time recently, one of the largest economies in the world and boasts about it’s forward thinking and it cannot keep the lights on while the rest of the United States has plenty of cheap power.

They have fought against Nuclear Power for all intents and purposes shutting down all of their reactors despite the fact that Nuclear plants are the best way to power a state that size. Northern California’s power provider PG&E is poorly run that it has time and again had to settle lawsuits over fires including most recently 13.5 billion in 2019 and yet have the audacity to lecture the rest of nation on why their values are better.

California is also looking at a budget deficit of 54.3 billion dollars which is entirely self inflicted as their high taxes drove those who were paying for all their insane programs to flee to lower tax states. Of course California isn’t admitting the folly of their ways. No they are doing the exact opposite by looking to retroactively increase income taxes and institute a wealth tax that they somehow think they will be able to force people to pay 10 years after they leave the state.

California has been a testing site for everything the current Democratic party wants to be and it is an unmitigated disaster. November should be a wipe out for the team in blue. Their main argument against Trump and the GOP is that they are mean and uncouth. Well so is America. We are looking at a party that is campaigning on the ideas that have led to rolling blackouts and people of means fleeing their jurisdictions. California isn’t alone with these problems. New York was facing an 8 billion dollar budget deficit before the Rona and is now facing a 30 billion dollar deficit. What do the progressive New Yorkers want to do about that? Why increase taxes on those who not only have the ability to leave but those you are trying to get to come back.

No this election shouldn’t even be close. In a sane world the GOP would see bigly gains in the Senate and the Dems would become a small minority in the House forcing them to remember the entire country isn’t New York and California. However this isn't a sane world so we will have to go through a tight election because the President says mean things.

I do not expect this column to change anyone’s mind. People are deeply dug into their positions and no amount of rational argument will change that. Keeping this in mind I will make one more really strong point as to why California must be stopped. Both Lena Dunham and Ben Shapiro live in California.