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Flappr's 2020 Biggest Balls of The Year

The award for the biggest set of cogliones of 2020 goes to none other than wealthy old white lady, Nancy Pelosi. Speaker of the house, Marie Antoinette impersonator, destroyer of speech copies, procurer of illegal haircuts, Chardonnay aficionado, word slurring speechifier, and all around cagna stupida.

Its like she doesn't understand that we can see her, or she knows we can see her and she simply doesn't give a fuck.

While America suffers under lock down orders, and cannot pay bills because their jobs are gone, she does a show and tell in front of a refrigerator, the price of which, could pay rent for two years in many American cities. While people line up to get a box of processed carbs and meat by-products at food pantries, she points with delight at her favorite designer tiny ice cream cartons.

Is she the star of "Real Housewives of San Fran-Shits-Co?" Or is this just a great big middle finger to the people that elected her? I'm pretty sure at this point it is both. She thinks she's a fucking Kardashian and that we are going to be entertained with how "normal" she is. She also thinks "fuck the poors."

This bitch right here held up your relief, this bitch right here could have been your hero and cut the pork and gotten her party in line to do the right thing for the American people, MONTHS AGO!!

Instead, she shouted "let them eat ice cream!" While the streets in her hometown fill with shit, and needles and crime and despair, she opened her freezer and showed you what's important, tiny cartons of designer ice cream.

If she really wanted to impress us, she should have showed us her balls, those have got to be enormous.


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