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The Trailer For The Russian Revolution - Good Thing, Bad Thing Is Here

Working with Professor Jimbo is always an adventure.

Take the new video we've been working on together, for example. He writes the scripts for portions of the project on his Commodore64, prints them sends pages to me, via regular mail.

After that - he expects me to provide him with feedback in a red pen, using the APA stylebook format. If I forget to follow these specific directions, he throws my revisions in the garbage.

Fuck my life.

To be honest, even if I follow his directions, he throws all my suggestions into the garbage - he's never actually accepted one of my suggestions.

He's a complicated, old and stubborn man.

As a result, the projects we work on together are very laborious and take way longer than necessary.

Still - things do get done and sometimes there are moments of joy, like today, when the Professor's recorded dialogue arrived on my steps, in an unmarked brown package.

It wasn't mailed. . . I still don't know how it arrived at my house. . . .

With his audio files in hand, I was able to FINALLY begin the process of creating video and syncing it with the graphics and visuals you see in the videos.

The new video? It's on the Russian Revolution and it's going to be in the same style and format as the last one. It will be long, it will be funny, it will be Flappr. It will hopefully be coming to you in time for Christmas, but we can't make any promises.

So, without further ado - please enjoy the trailer for Professor Jimbo's upcoming video lecture, The Russian Revolution, Good Thing, Bad Thing. Enjoy.


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