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Flappr's 2021 I'm From Canada and Suuuper Nice Don't 'Cha Know? Awards of the Year

As the Flappr Canadian correspondent and discord moderator, I've enjoyed my time with Flappr and now it's time to recognize it.

Proof I'm Canadian, A Selfie with a Moose - his name is Dave.

Now since I'm Canadian, I'm legally prohibited from handing out any mean spirited awards - if I did, I would - in all likelihood - be subjected to death by maple syrup drowning.

Thus, I am handing out several awards very nice, Canadian style awards.

First of all, none of this would be possible without the 👑, Bart. So I'd like to give the "King of the Year Award" to him, for bringing us all together.

Editor's Note: This award is disputed by many.

I'd like to give the "Best Grey Sweatpants Pictures" Award to my co-author, Travis Tyree. Thank you for gracing us with your glorious dong all year.

Editor's Note: Fuck Me, For having to locate an image for this award.

I'd like to thank and recognize Soylent Lament, for continuously making me laugh, and without whom, I would not have been introduced to the Flappr family. If he ever deletes his account, I'll cry. So to Soylent_Lament, I grant the "Twitter User Of The Decade" Award.

Editor's Note: This award is disputed by none.

I've never liked the little buggers, so a special "The Only Italian I've Ever loved" award goes to JAC, I hope our fake romance lasts the ages.

My "Favourite Person To Pick On" goes to That Awful Nick, thank you for putting up with it (and me) all these years.

Nick is the best.

EDITOR'S NOTE: She really spells favorite as "Favourite" - fucking Canadians, you can't make this shit up.

To the rest of you, I wish you all a Merry Christmas. I hope 2022 is better for all of us.


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