The Flappr War Room's Midterm Predictions

Who doesn't love a good prediction?

As election day looms, we thought it would be appropriate to lock in guesses to how we think next Tuesday will unfold. To effectuate this project, the Flappr Academy of Polling & Prognostication (F.A.P.P.) assembled some of the most impressive minds in our current political discourse.

We've all bore witness to the increase in crime, border crossings and the disgraceful exit from Afghanistan. We've seen people suffer from increased prices on well . . . everything. It feels like that SHOULD mean something, but maybe it doesn't.

We've all witnessed Joe Biden avoid answering questions, have moments where he can't remember where he is, why he's there and what office he occupies. According to the Real Clear Politics average, Biden's approval rating stands at a very impressive -10.7 as of the publishing this blog. People seem pissed, but are they pissed enough to give strip Biden of his ability to return the House and/or Senate to the GOP? If so, Biden's first term is effectively over and he will spend the next two years sniffing kids in Delaware.

The good news is that we're very close to finding out!

So without further ado, here is how the F.A.P.P predicts the midterms will shake out.

Enjoy, go vote and God Bless America.



I want to believe that the GOP takes back the Senate and there are reasons to believe that they will. In fact, RealClearPolitics currently predicts that Mitch McConnell will become Majority Leader again in 2023 with a six seat majority.

Perhaps I'm just protecting myself from disappointment, but I think the Senate ends up 50-50 again and Chuck Schumer retains control. I'm certainly not confident in this prediction (if this was a football bet, it would be Dems -3 at home), but my reservations stem from one thing - I think the GOP nominated some clunkers in these races (in the Senate and for Governor) and I think Cocaine Mitch let his ego get in the way of dumping cash in some races that look within reach.

The deciding seat will be Pennsylvania. I think John Fetterman will end up winning his race, despite being more or less brain damaged. Not necessarily because Oz is a TERRIBLE candidate (he's merely mediocre), but because the media worked to hide the extent of Fetterman's condition from the public. By the time Fetterman took the stage to debate Oz on October 25th, over 630,000 Pennsylvanians had already voted (about 12.5% of the electorate, based on 2018 turnout) and 463,000 of them for the man who can barely speak.

For months, Fetterman has held campaign events that were covered by the media and we didn't see many instances where reporters posted video of him speaking. We know why.

With so many early votes already cast and GOP nominee for Governor, Doug Mastriano, trailing so far behind his opponent, I think Oz will end up losing a tight race and the Senate will remain split.

I hope I'm wrong.

Control of Senate Prediction (Total = 100)

GOP 50

DEM 50

Winner of PA SEN John Fetterman

Winner of AZ SEN Blake Masters (UPSET!)

Winner of GA SEN Raphael Warnock

Winner of NV SEN Catherine Cortez Masto

Winner of WI SEN Ron Johnson

I'm more bullish on the GOP's chances to retake the house. I'm about 95% confident this happens. I hope they choose someone else other than feckless Kevin McCarthy to be Speaker of the House. They won't. I hope they have a plan for once they take back the House. They probably don't. I hope they make good choices for committee chairs and they use their power to investigate things that need answering (origins of the VYRUS and what, if any, our involvement (Fauci) might have been). Not confident they will.

I hope I'm wrong.

Control of House Prediction (Total = 435)

GOP 230

DEM 205

Underdog House victory:

Illinois 17th District Esther Joy King - takes over former DCCC Chair Cheri Bustos' seat.

For the purposes of this blog, we're assuming wins for DeSantis and Kemp. I think both are safe bets. Ron DeSantis is the best political figure and governor and communicator in America right now. Bar none. He will win, but Florida is also a weird state that always has close elections. DeSantis will win, but by less than the polls currently suggest (Current RCP Avg +11.2).

Kemp has been dogged by MAGA die-hards, but has emerged as a formidable force on the national stage. Kemp has a pretty impressive record both as a leader during COVID and with passing Jim Crow 2.0. If Trump-endorsed Herschel Walker ends up beating Warnock, it will be because Trump-hated Brian Kemp drags him across the finish line and that will be endlessly hilarious. Kemp will win, but by less than the polls currently suggest (Current RCP Avg +6.7).

I think Kari Lake is going to end up winning in Arizona and will bring Blake Masters with her.

In the Midwest, I think we see a shocker in Michigan, where noted MILF, Tudor Dixon, take down Gretchen Whitmer. This would be a fairly huge upset and I'm probably using my,,, uhh,,, heart more than my brain on this one. Still, I don't think people realize how much shit some of these people put us through during the pandemic. Whitmer didn't start reopening schools until 2021. A fair amount didn't reopen until later that fall. Meanwhile, in April 2021, Whitmer shit on people who traveled for Spring Break, while also taking a trip to Florida herself. I think people underestimate the lasting frustration some of this misery caused.

The Midwest remembers. So Whitmer in Michigan and Evers in Wisconsin will fall.


DeSantis Win in FL O/U 7% Under

Kemp Win in GA O/U 7% Under

Winner of Michigan Gov Tudor Dixon

Winner of Arizona Gov Kari Lake

Winner of PA Gov Josh Shapiro

Winner of WI Gov Tim Michels


@Doc_Chimpanzee (RIP @Richard_Harambe)

Control of Senate Prediction (Total = 100)

GOP 51

DEM 49

Winner of PA SEN OZ

Winner of AZ SEN Kelly

Winner of GA SEN Warnock

Winner of NV SEN Laxalt

Winner of WI SEN Johnson

Control of House Prediction (Total = 435)

GOP 226

DEM 209

Underdog House victory:

New York 17th Lawler


DeSantis Win in FL O/U 7% Over

Kemp Win in GA O/U 7% Under

Winner of Michigan Gov Big Grech

Winner of Arizona Gov Lake

Winner of PA Gov Shapiro

Winner of WI Gov Tossup



Control of Senate Prediction (Total = 100)

GOP: >

DEM: <

Winner of PA SEN: The Wizard of Oz

Winner of AZ SEN: The Karen-y looking one

Winner of GA SEN: Stacey Abrams

Winner of NV SEN: I literally forget this is a state sometimes.

Winner of MI SEN: They have Senators?

Control of House Prediction (Total = 435)

GOP: >

DEM: <

Underdog house victory: ?????????


DeSantis Win in FL O/U 7%: If DeSantis loses, I'll send Bobs. (Editor's Note: Hmm. . worth it?)

Kemp Win in GA O/U 7%: Also Stacey Abrams

Winner of Michigan Gov: The Kidnapping Plot

Winner of Arizona Gov: Or was this the battle of Karens?

Winner of PA Gov: Ben Shapiro

Winner of WI Gov: Cheese


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