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Flappr's @Richard_Harambe Excellence in Memeing Award

The Good Doctor, Harambe, Doctor Cock 'n Balls, The Man with the Golden Dick, "Richard on Twitter."

The man, the myth, the legend.

An OG shit-poster that has served as an inspiration to an untold number of shit-posting disciples. @Richard_Harambe embodies all that it means to be a legendary shit-poster, a man whose relentless, daily, efforts on the Twitter battlefields have brought tears of laughter to his allies and tears of pain to progressives far and wide.

Accordingly, when Flappr conceived of its Excellence in Memeing Award, naming it after Mr. @Richard_Harambe required no deliberation.

We should really get one of these made.

Now, last year, @McMurphy_Pat, a prolific memer in his own right, handed out this prestigious award to @DrumpfH8er6969 - an amalgam of all leftist memers, whose affinity for a single image paired with a literal wall of text make their memes weak, feeble and only funny in an unintended and pathetic manner.

Moving forward, however, this award will be bestowed upon a memer that exemplifies all that's pure about the art of shit-posting, conceiving new clever and hilarious concepts, the ability to combine digital images with scathing written words, a sharpness of wit that instills pain on some, while inspiring others to greatness.

Now that we've established the criteria for the winner of this prestigious award, let's review some of this year's most worthy candidates.


There is a direct relationship between the absurdity of current events and quantity of incredible twitter memes. 2021 has proved this beyond any doubt. Memer content has evolved and provided (an often) humorous depiction of this amazingly bizarre timeline in which we live.

Choosing this year’s @Richard_Harambe Excellence in Meming Award has been incredibly difficult to say the least. @MitchMidnight is the hardest working man in the meme game and has grown to become a legend in his own right. @ElderBartleby is prolific and creative in developing content, including this website - an ode to shitposting and a platform for those looking for a creative outlet. @Soylent_Lament, winner of Canada's Twitter User of the Decade Award, (despite not being Canadian himself) possesses an uncanny ability to combine absurdist humor with mind-blowing societal criticism.

It’s been just as difficult to say what event or timeline captured the essence of 2021.

Was it Joe Biden falling up the stairs?

Was it Let’s Go Brandon?

Was it the two CNN employees arrested for pedo stuff or bathroom interviews being deemed the norm? Was it inflation? Or Afghanistan? How about the Fauci documentary or Nikki Minaj warning us about swollen balls being a side effect of vaccines?

No matter what moment you thought captured 2021 best, the memers mentioned above posted a funny meme that day that made you laugh and made you think.

Those gentlemen mentioned above provided all of us with genuinely unique and priceless content, but nobody did this better than Flappr's 2021 @Richard_Harambe Excellence in Memeing Award winner. . . @Richard_Harambe.

Yes, in considering all variables, the meme that hit so many aspects of this year comes from the award's namesake himself:

This beautiful work of art combined so many layers of meta-commentary, raising gasoline prices, the yearning for our former vigorous, yet chaotic leader, pointed criticism of our current, demented leader, all filtered through one of the most popular meme genres of the year. It's a master class in what makes memeing a higher art-form.

But not all shit-posting even requires the use of images, as The Good Doctor shows us below:

This simple, pointed, reflection on the absent nature of this administration perfectly encapsulates how Joe Biden's handlers are focused on COVID Theater, rather than "following the science" and actually protecting the best interests of this country and its people.

So for his outstanding efforts and contributions to the field of memery and for the first time in its 2-year history, the @Richard_Harambe Excellence in Memeing Award is awarded to himself, Dr. Harambe.

With that, I leave you with a few more examples of his work for you to sit back and enjoy:

Expert-level use of "call-back", bringing back a previously popular meme template and repurposing for a current event.

This one just makes me laugh.

Transcendent use of the Slaps Roof of Car meme template and a great example of why @Richard_Harambe is this year's @Richard_Harambe Excellence in Memeing Award.

Until next year, keep memeing until you make them cry and then make memes about them crying.

- Cox


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