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My Grandson and I Made a Film

Dear Readers,

Turns out my grandson – one of them, anyway – is not quite as useless as I thought. This is the same one who first got me in touch with this “internet publication” and also helps me out with technical things from time to time.

Anyway, some years past he enrolled in a “film school” which is very much the equivalent of burning a pile of your money behind a liquor store. I seem to recall making a remark to that effect at the time and also that it was not well-received – his mother and I do not speak.

But perhaps I was wrong about that. Just the other day, he comes by with his “laptop” computer and showed me a little of what it could do. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, the thing was like something out of Star Trek. “Hell, you could make a whole movie in this plastic box!” I cried, and this became the spark of our humble project.

Just when election anxiety might be getting some of you down – to say little of the chaos in the streets and the hogwash in the newspapers – here’s a little something that might cheer you up.

Let us imbibe, through movie magic, a little of the spirit of the past. The film is called The Last Muster and it’s about my two most favorite things: the Civil War and Old Guys. Hope you like it.


James O’Flannery


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