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Memeing The Gas Stove Ban

On Monday, some random Commissioner (Richard Trumka) with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, in an interview with Bloomberg shared his concerns on . . . gas stoves?

Trumka called gas stoves a "hidden hazard" and then proceeded to suggest that gas stoves are SOOO dangerous that "any option is on the table" and that "“[p]roducts that can’t be made safe can be banned.”

What the fuck? Did I miss the entirety of the "gas stoves are very dangerous" dialogue?

Where did this fucking nonsense even come from?

Oh, well . . . it appears to have first sprung up in New York, where in 2021 the New York City council voted to ban the installation of any cooking stoves (or furnaces, boilers or hot water heaters, for that matter) that operate using natural gas in newly constructed buildings.

NYC claimed that it's initiative to ban gas burning appliances is necessary to battle climate change. Yet this latest démarche against gas stoves is based on one study, which was co-authored by a non-scientist with ties to a carbon free buildings, that suggests that gas stoves are the source of 12% of childhood asthma cases (which affects 8 percent of children).

Typically, these terrible ideas are incubated at some r-worded institute that resides on a r-worded college campus, the idea then gains some low level of media attention, gets adopted by some major blue city hell whole, causing the idea to be laundered by major media outlets (this is usually when you start noticing) and ratified as a major policy platform by the Democrat Party.

This usually takes years, though. . .

Make no mistake they are definitely (eventually) coming for your gas stove, but it feels like it was too soon for a government official to float the idea, in a totally random interview, that a nationwide ban of a widely used consumer good is on the table. The gas stoves are "killing the environment/kids" narrative feels too new. They haven't even gotten to "gas stoves are racist" yet (the race angle is a key component to laundering a terrible idea into the public psyche).

No, I call bullshit on this one.

I think Mr. Trumka got a call from the Biden Admin to drop the "we're coming for your gas stove" nugget as a shiny object to distract everyone from something else.

Why are they wagging the dog? Well, I suspect it might have something to do with another story that dropped on Monday! You know, the one where classified intel documents, from when Joe Biden was Vice President, were discovered in his office at UPenn, which also just happened to have received $54 million dollars in gifts from China over the past 6 years?

Yeah, that story! That's the one they don't want you to focus on, so they drop this gas stove bullshit (which was completely walked back earlier today) to keep your eyes off of the man behind the curtain.

A classic diversion - and it worked, sort of! Numerous articles have been written about proposed ban, Tucker Carlson talked about the proposed ban and numerous funny memes were crafted specific to that gas stove narrative dropping.

That's my theory anyways. Now onto what you came for - the memes:

"I swear I lost that gas stove in a boating accident."

That ass do be fartin'

RIP Tony Sirico

Not sure how we ever survived without constant masking.

This won the day.

A well executed use of the Gonzalez Battle Flag template.

Ah, yes. . . this is accurate.


There are so many more great ones out there, I encourage you to find them RT them and let the creators know how much enjoyment you've gotten from their memes.

Most importantly - Don't quit. Don't be stupid. Don't be salty. Don't be cynical.

Happy Wednesday and God bless America.

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12 janv. 2023


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