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Memeing The "End of Democracy"

The midterms are underway and in case you haven't heard . . . "DEMOCRACY IS ON THE BALLOT!"




Luckily for you, I don't believe that even THEY believe that democracy is on the ballot. Despite the shameful display at the Capitol in 2021, democracy was never at risk and the system operated as it was designed.

When you wake up on the morning the next speaker of the House is sworn in (likely Kevin McCarthy), we will not be living in a totalitarian dictatorship (that is somehow led by a president from the opposing party). No, Republicans are not going to somehow rig elections in 2024 if they clean up at the state level.

You live in the greatest country known to mankind, under a constitutional republic, designed by some of the most intelligent men to ever walk the earth in 1789. That will not change, no matter how much they want to scare people into thinking otherwise.

Be glad for that.

Now onto the "End Of Democracy" memes, which, to be clear, are intended to be ironic - as in, the people who made these memes are making a mockery of the regime's campaign messaging. Sorry, we have to state the obvious, but there are a lot of fucking idiots out there.


Buddy,,,,,, there are a lot of heaters from your favorite artisan memesmiths today.

In fact, there are so many bangers floating around right now, we're going to start by sharing our thread where you'll find even more memes that we couldn't fit on this blog.

@Doc_Chimpanzee (Richard Harambe), the namesake of Flappr's Richard_Harambe Excellence in Memeing Award, has had such a profliic morning, he's getting his own section:

*Actual Gasp*

One more (he had about 5 more worthy of consideration).

Ppl forget we're not a popular democracy.


and Yep.


A cinematic trifecta from @HaydenLeeMartin

Ok, @midnightmitch similarly needs his own section. That boy has put in work today.


LGBTQ+ representation, how nice.

Ok, one more (there were about 5 more that could've been chosen here).

Moving on . . .

Noted cat lover, @grand_handsomer went there, folks.

Less dark, still very funny.

@holy_smkes is an absolute treasure.

@mbrassenstein also needs his own section - there are just too many good ones to ignore.

Zoom Dick, remember him?

One more.

Nothing is a bigger danger to democracy than democracy itself.

Ok, a few more we found in our replies.

You're sick, @jarvis_best.

Nicely done.

Wow, hope that dude's ok. . .

This meme is the whole current vibe.

Ok, I will close this out by shamefully plugging a few of my own memes.

It's funny because it's not true.

It's funny because he's punching her butthole or something.

It's funny because it's not true and Stalin is an absolute monster (less funny, tbh).

It's funny because masturbating?


There are so many more great ones out there, I encourage you to find them RT them and let the creators know how much enjoyment you've gotten from their memes.

Most importantly, today is the day to let your voice be heard after TWO YEARS of Biden bumblefuckery.

Yes there are reports of weirdness coming out of Arizona, but you have no choice other than to do what you can to make sure your ballot is counted.

Don't quit. Don't be stupid. Don't be salty. Don't be cynical.

Go vote!


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