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Prison Mitch’s Meme Yard Vol. 3

First let me apologize, this is late...there is no excuse. Well there is, I took vacation, had to catch up with work when I got back, I have a wife and kid, my dog got sick, responsibilities, memes to make...but I digress.

So belated Meme Yard apologies. And the winners are....

New to the yard is @FuzzyDunlop235. His optometrist inspired List meme calls out the sheer idiocy of Chris Cillizza's photo choice to slam @POTUS for calling the protests riots. Fuzzy's meme was as hot as the fiery but mostly peaceful building burning behind the riot police. Welcome to the yard Fuzzy, outstanding work!

@MrNukemCocaine just flat out made me almost spit out my coffee with this. I'm not going to even try and pretty this up, its straightforward, fall out of your seat funny. Apparently there is a cure for COVID-19 and @Btaylor74 is immune.

Mrs. Brassenstein brought a pair of amazing memes this week and it felt wrong not to show reflect on them both. Plus it's my blog so you are just going to have to read.

First we had a glorious LORT inspired meme where Joe Hiden' declines the sage advise of Lord Elrond to go to Kenosha. Suaron definitely has his eye on this one.

We also got this suicide mix from from Mrs. Brassenstein. Are the protests violent? Are they peaceful? Why not have it both ways!

Next up is another outstanding meme from @DavarEchad. We all got so finally see the Cuomo tapes and Davar was able to capture the moment like Scorsese with this Godfather themed meme. Davar literally made me a meme I couldn't refuse.

DavarEchad also had a great ode to the French monarchy with this Nancy Antoinette inspired meme. We all know that Nancy is about rules for thee and not for me, after all, a girls got to get her hair done!

Finally, we have the glorious spoofing if Bill Stelter by @mcmurphy_pat. Here Pat subtly replaced Taters name with Bill, wrote a fictitious review of it and got Humpty Dumpty to ACTUALLY retweet it!!! The most ownage i have seen on Bill this year. He even got some kudos from Steve Guest and Logan Hall. OUTSTANDING WORK MY MAN!

Well that's all, it was long overdue and I wish I had more time. This week does promise to be an awesome one for memes


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