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On the Comically Stupid C*nt Teacher Who Thought the Gadsden Flag Was Linked to Slavery

Go. Watch this video if you haven't already. We cannot proceed until you do.

I will know if you don't watch, don't think I won't!


This so-called teacher, probably of Tory bloodlines, has unsurprisingly not done the reading.

The Gadsden flag was designed by Christopher Gadsden in 1775, inspired by the popular rattlesnake symbol of the time, intended as a warning to the British not to trample upon the rights of the colonists.

It had nothing whatsoever to do with the slave trade or the practice of slavery in America at any point in time.

At least the British had some reason to impose their heinous tyranny upon our forbearers, that of the necessity of raising revenue.

This so-called educator is imposing her own vile tyranny for no better reason besides her own egregious stupidity. I'd say this teacher should be ashamed of herself, but by now it should be clear to everyone that these people have no souls and feel no shame.

Jesus, what a comically stupid cunt.

A comically stupid cunt that was entrusted with the hallowed responsibility of incubating, educating and inspiring fertile minds.

A tragic display of malpractice if there ever was one.

And to young master Jaiden, if you give in now, it will be like Washington throwing in the towel at Valley Forge, Lincoln knuckling under after Chancellorsville, Truman losing his nerve after Okinawa.

You must never give in. You must never surrender.

Stand tall and proud. If you hold the line, you will have earned something precious few students have ever earned... my begrudging respect.

God bless you, young man. And indeed, never let them tread on you.

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