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Jay Cutler Suggests Run for Local School Board in 2024

I love Jay Cutler.

I mean, he did put me through a fair share of misery when he quarterbacked the Bears for 8 seasons, but that's pretty much what Bears quarterbacks do, so how could I hold that against him?

While with the Bears he was more often good than bad and had the most hilarious demeanor about him. While most quarterbacks present themselves as affable and stone-cold leaders of men; Jay Cutler often, not always, presented himself as a man who did not give a single fuck. On the field, you knew he was going to play hard, usually through an injury and behind a porous offensive line, but off the field, you knew he wasn't going to shower the media with roses.

It was great.

He also left us with little gems like this one, when during a national broadcast, he was caught telling his offensive coordinator to fuck himself. Classic Cutler.

Flash forward to today and now retired football player, Jay Cutler, appears to be eyeing a run for his local school board in 2024:

Why run for his local school board? Cutler hasn't made that specifically clear just yet, but it seems like it might be connected to a recent decision by the Williamson County school board to require masking for all children aged 5-11. Cutler adeptly pointed out the inconsistency of this rule, given that, according to him, masking is only recommended for middle schoolers and high schoolers in the system.

Now before you assume that 'ol Jay Cutler might just be whistlin' dixie on the Twittersphere and not really serious about running, it looks like he actually investigated what is required to be a serious candidate:

Moreover, when asked about the platform Cutler would be running on he replied to one twitter user: "common sense".

Well there you have it folks. Every journey requires a first step and the saga of Jay Cutler saving America begins with a run for his local school board. In fact, the Flappr editorial board wholeheartedly endorses Jay Cutler and his "common sense" platform for the Williamson County School Board in 2024.

That's the first official endorsement we've ever given a candidate and I can think of no better person to bestow it upon than Mr. Cutler. Can you imagine the looks Jay Cutler would give other board members when they say dumb shit during meetings? Can you imagine the snide and cutting remarks he'd make when someone departs from "common sense"? Actually, we kind of already have an idea of what it would look like:

Use your imagination here - the year is 2024 and a progressive school board member steps to the podium to try and introduce some new fangled leftist pedagogy and before he can utter the words "critical race theory", School Board Councilman Cutler calls them a libt*rd and tells them to sit down. It will be fucking epic and it's something that we need to happen.

In all seriousness, it's good that Cutler is willing to get involved. As I've said time and time again, conservatives are quick to abdicate the role of governing to liberals and then are surprised when liberals and progressives govern like liberals and progressives. If we want to see changes made to government, conservatives need to get back into the role of governing, especially at the local level. If we're not willing to get involved, then we can't act surprised when things don't go our way.

Find something, participate, fight for your kids.

And kudos to you, Candidate Cutler, we wish you well and are eager to see how far you take yourself down this path. Who knows where it might lead some day?

Happy Thursday and God Bless America.


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