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Flappr: Year One

It started with an idea among friends in a Twitter DM, grew into a prototype and launched with a video:

Several months later, Flappr has successfully completed 2020 and still exists and continues to grow.

What was the idea that launched Flappr? Well I am often reminded of and inspired by a quote by the late Andrew Breitbart that @redsteeze often mentions on his podcast: "more voices, not less". So from day one, Flappr's mission has been to provide a platform for people who align to the Center-Right POV and well. . . give them a voice. In my opinion, this group of Americans is severely under-served by our corporate media industry. I created Flappr to help fill that void (lol, phrasing) and provide a place where people who want to express themselves and their opinions have the opportunity to do so.

"More voices, not less".

So we carry on, as happy warriors, sending out opinions, trying to make you laugh, trying to make you think, trying to captivate you on things that we think are funny and/or important and hope you feel the same. I'm not sure if we have succeeded, but if we haven't, we've had a lot of fun in our failure.

The use of "we" is important here. Flappr has no ads, sells no products and makes 0 money. Flappr pays our contributors 0 dollars. The people who have contributed to this website, do so because they want to contribute to this website. Without our contributors, there is no Without our contributors, there is no community. In just over seven months, Flappr Contributors have published 461 blogs - not for money (since they've received none), but for the love of the game - because they believe its worthwhile to give their opinions on things that you care about.

So if you haven't already followed them on Twitter, or Instragram or wherever, please do so. I'm going to list them out here for you:

Professor Jimbo - NOT on Social Media.


and @comfortablysmug, who is not a contributor here, but inspired many of us (myself especially) to get our asses off the bench and get into the daily knife fight on Twitter. He is a King and you should check out his podcast "Ruthless" - available anywhere you download podcasts.

(There are others I may have left out and for that I apologize! Thank you people I forgot to include!)


So what's next for Flappr? I mean, we did publish an eBook, that was pretty cool. We did a whole Award Blog Series, that was pretty cool too. You should read these things if you haven't!

We've also published some Flappr-adjacent podcasts, but haven't published the official "Flappr Weekly Podcast" just yet. We have ideas on how that would work, but we all have real life jobs and real life responsibilities - so the logistics remain complicated. The last thing I would want is to start a podcast, record an episode and then be unable to do a second episode until weeks later. If we do a "Flappr Podcast", it will be a weekly podcast and it will be done right. I want to promise that one is forthcoming, but I can't just yet.

More than anything, our plan is to try and continue to exist in this very saturated media environment. Since the inception of this website, we've posted at least one blog every single week day without fail (and some on weekends). As a group of unpaid contributors, we're proud of that and we hope to continue that trend moving forward. If we continue to exist, we think we will continue to grow and continue to bring new voices to our platform (including you, yes you, if you want). If I can post a "Flappr: Year Two" blog next year and tell you we've published a blog every weekday of 2021, then I think we will have done something right. Hell, if I can post a "Flappr: Year Two" blog next year - that alone will be an accomplishment.

We also promise you to keep things weird. We know that have basically limitless options to entertain and inform yourselves these days, so we strive to be a little . . . different. Not every blog is specific to politics, not every blog is meant to impart wisdom or opinion on you. Sometimes our stuff is just plain fucking goofy for the sake of being plain fucking goofy. I think the silly content makes us unique in this space and it's something that will remain part of Flappr's DNA.

I'm sure there will be more surprises along the way. We will continue to be brutal on the media and the Dems when they deserve to be called out on their bullshit (which is literally non-stop). We will continue to host chats, post original memes and original videos. We will continue to try and be a place for people like you (probably), who feel like there aren't a ton of outlets that exist that try and speak to them. We will continue to provide people like you (probably) a place where they can write and get their voices and opinions out there. So follow us on Twitter & Instagram, Like our Facebook Page and come join us for our Discord chats and help our little community grow.

"More voices, not less."

See you next year and God Bless America.


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