The Fast and the Festive, A Fast & Furious Christmas Story

So you've probably been seeing us tweet about a project we've been working on - an eBook. Well, it's here, just in time for Christmas.

Flappr Publishing is proud to present: The Fast and the Festive, A Fast & Furious Christmas Story. Written by: Professor James O'Flannery, Edited by: ElderBartleby.

First, some background. A few weeks back, I got a bug in my head, I wanted to publish a Flappr eBook to give away to the community as a thank you for your continued support. I am currently swamped with IRL work and couldn't take on this endeavor myself, so I called in the big guns. At first Professor Jimbo was hesitant, but when I shared with him my idea that the book would he Fast & Furious fan fiction, he began to warm to the idea. When I told him the story would be about him, Dom, Han and Mia fighting Hillary Clinton for the War on Christmas, his position softened further. When I finally agreed that he could make this eBook particularly smutty, he was sold.

For whatever reason, it was important to me for Flappr to publish something unique and different than what we've already done (and trust me this is. . . unique). We could've published this as a very long blog post on our website, but that was the safe, boring, option. I wanted Flappr to venture onto a new platform, so I demanded that we publish this as an actual eBook that you could read on an eReader.

So we did it, sort of.

The book, The Fast and the Festive, A Fast & Furious Christmas Story, is available on the WattPad app (download details below), but you can also just read it here and on

This project was a labor of love from Professor Jimbo and myself (mostly him) and it serves as the capstone to Year One of Flappr. If you read it on the WattPad App, you'll get the full eBook experience - that is the way the authors intended it to be read, but enjoy it in whatever way works best for you.

No matter HOW you read the book, we do want you use a feature on WattPad that allows you to comment on passages throughout the book. We hope you to use this feature heavily and make us laugh uncontrollably:

click the little comment box circled in red and drop funny comments for us!

The story itself is fucking insane. It's an ode to several things at once, the Mary Sue trope, fan fiction in general and our ongoing struggle to combat progressives' disdain for anything normal Americans hold dear, in this instance - Christmas.

Professor Jimbo's love and appreciation for the Fast and Furious franchise of films is appreciable in his story. There is pain, there is laughter, there is an extremely long and gratuitous sex scene.

We hope you give it a chance and share it with others to help the Flappr Project grow.

Moreover, we're providing you this nearly 50 page eBook for free. Why? Mainly because who the hell would pay for this, but also because we so appreciate how you people come to this website, read our stories, join our Discord chats, reply to our tweets, like our Instagram posts and comment on our Facebook page. It would all be impossible and pointless without you, our dear reader.

So this eBook is free, a Christmas present from Flappr to you,

Who knows what we have in store next. . . a weekly podcast, maybe?


How to read The Fast and the Festive, A Fast & Furious Christmas Story:

1) download the WattPad App (available on Android and iOS), search for Flappr, find us and click to read the story. (best option).

2) click this link and then click to read to read this story on your PC.

3) click through below. (worst option).