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Flappr’s 2022 Best Russian History Documentary on YouTube Award

Earlier this month, I was asked by the Flappr Editorial Board to present a new award for Flappr's Third Annual, Annual Awards ceremony. I was given the opportunity to come up with my own award and present it to whomever I choose.

The award I created for this year is a specific one - namely, the award is my attempt to honor to the best Russian History Documentary on YouTube.

This award highlights an exceptional YouTube account that is helping to educate the masses on world history, and in this case specifically, The Russian Revolution.

*Leninism Intensifies*

YouTube is full of many awesome creators sharing their tips and tricks, gaming accomplishments, and their knowledge about current and world events, among many other topics.

These videos require long hours of writing, editing, and producing to bring to your stupid phone or your wonderfully self-built computer that I am sure you put a lot of time into (good for you, no one cares).

The winner of this award is no different.

The videos produced by this channel require monumentous effort and skill, in fact, that this channel doesn’t put out a lot of these videos. This Youtube channel has done the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution and one on China, among others.

Each and every video this channel produces is fun for the whole family and a ball of laughs. The voice of their narrator is so relaxing and easy to listen to that one doesn’t even notice the time just flying by.

This is why I would like to present Flappr’s 2022 Best Russian History Documentary on YouTube Award the outrageously talented team at . . . Oversimplified!

The Russian Revolution videos (over 50 MILLION combined views) produced by Oversimplified (which has over 7 MILLION Subscribers) are clever, well produced, easily digestible and provide an invaluable service to the community writ large.

Honorable mention

Professor James O’Flannery and Flappr for their extremely long attempt (over THREE HOURS) on the same subject matter, entitled: The Russian Revolution: Good Thing, Bad Thing?

Better luck next year.


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