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Flappr's 2021 Tin Foil Hatter Award

So I've been a part of the Flappr community for six or so months now and I thought it might be time to contribute to a site that has given me much enjoyment (Editor's Note: he was bullied into contributing).

So, without further ado, I'm here to hand out Flappr's 2021 Tin Foil Hatter Award to... @Oilfield_Rando!

This gentleman does stellar work over at by parsing the large and profligate spending bills the bipartisan uniparty keeps churning out - like when he dissected the 5600 page, 900 Billion Dollar, Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act (which was passed with overwhelming support by both parties and signed by a Republican President).

Rando shared his findings in a massive, can't miss, Twitter thread last December:

A re-read of that thread will make your eyes bleed and your stomach turn, but maybe just a little less than the one he did back in August on the bi-partisan "infrastructure" bill, which included gems like this:

and this:

Rando has also been spot on about COVID restrictions, vax mandates, the environmental movement and generally the governments of the world being chock full of petty tyrants looking to make those who engage in wrongthink as miserable as possible.

Given about 6 months or so, everything that seemed conspiratorial and outlandish has basically become true.

If you don't follow @Oilfield_Rando, you're missing out on some of the best "tin foil hat material" available on Twitter.

So here's to you Random Man from the Oil Fields, time to distribute those tin foil hats wholesale!


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