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Flappr's 2020 Oh Yeah. . . We Should've Known Better Award

Remember all those times when your mom told you "hey, <insert your name here>, why did you trust <insert douchebag name here>, you know he is an absolute douchebag. . . you should've known better" Was that just me? Oh, well . . . I should've known better and I am proud to present Flappr's 2020 Oh Yeah. . . We Should've Known Better Award.


While there have been some welcome developments in the COVID era in how the average citizen has gotten a glimpse of just how corrupt, evil, and heartless the government agencies and their enforcement arm(s) are, my nominee presents just as much of a threat to our freedoms than even this temporary (we hope) pandemic does. There seems to be a unique level of narcissism that is commonly achieved when someone rises high enough in the ranks of their respective governments and/or organizations that blinds them to the effects their actions have on everything around them. These neo-tyrants often have strong reinforcement from supporters and the pundits of their day who supplement the awful actions of these people by excusing and rationalizing the destruction they leave in their wake while gaslighting the public as to what “is actually happening here.” And of course no true threat to freedom would be complete unless the guilty parties in question, on some level, truly believed what they were doing was/is for the greater good. So that being said, I present Chief Justice John “punt on first down” Roberts with Flappr's 2020 Oh Yeah. . . We Should've Known Better Award.

Roberts is just one more crushing disappointment that those on the right have had to endure when it comes to the nation’s highest court, and yet another part of GW Bush’s utterly toxic legacy that will haunt us for years to come. His shockingly delusional belief that his first duty is to protect the non-partisan appearance of the court has resulted in ensuring SCOTUS is seen as just another political office, which it largely is now.

Whether he is threatening to vote with the liberals (but remember, there is no such thing as an Obama or Trump judges) if any 2A cases are granted cert or he is siding with the left in allowing casinos to operate at 50% capacity while restricting churches from doing the same, or even citing precedent as binding his hands in some rulings, then jettisoning the very notion that adherence to precedent would bind his hands in other rulings, Roberts has singlehandedly destroyed the very reputation he sought to preserve for the Supreme Court. In so doing, he has also made the country quite a bit more unstable than it otherwise would have been even during these historic times.

Most people are blue pilled in that they accept what they are presented with by the media and what they are taught in government schools and universities as fact. They are told that the government exists to protect the rights and lives of its citizens, and that even if unsavory politicians are elected to office, there are still some firewalls to protect the public from the worst impulses of these elected officials.

Roberts’ erratic rulings, reasoning, and his discarding of principle to vote with the left solely to try and balance the outcomes of cases, regardless of the constitutional questions presented, has done more to radicalize your average R voter than almost anything a democrat ever could and has also helped collapse any remaining faith the public has traditionally had in these “sacred American institutions.”

Having been radicalized simply by paying attention these last 13 years, I am basically an anarchist but even I understand the utility of having a functional conservative judiciary, even if it’s just window dressing until the unavoidable collapse comes. Having the chief justice of the nation’s highest court reinvent himself as a James Comey-esque hybrid of a HuffPo blogger and Dispatch editor is, in my opinion, a longer lasting dent in this country’s armor than even the lunacy we’ve had to endure from our governors, senators, and pundits during this horrific pandemic.

I guess Roberts voted with the Conservative Justices just enough to lead some of us to believe he wouldn't completely and utterly lose his mind this year, but he's a compromised mush so, Oh Yeah. . . We Should've Known Better.


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