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Flappr's 2020 Feminine Icon of the Year

Being Flappr's resident expert in the Feminine Mystique, I was tasked with identifying the woman who in 2020 most exemplified the qualities young women in America should strive to emulate. While there were many outstanding women doing many wonderful things in 2020, I had to narrow it down to top three who burst onto the scene this year - providing a road map to success for this future member of the countdown.


At number three is Congress Woman elect Lauren Boebert.

As our good friend Cocaine Bear said

With looks like straight out of central casting for the next Nashville star, a penchant for conspiracy theories, and always having her Glock by her side Mrs Boebert is the definition of role model for young women everywhere.

With Lauren as the leader of the Q Squad I for one am really looking forward to watching the 117th Congress in action


Coming in at number two is Jenna Philips who found her way to fortune during a pandemic by starting an Onlyfans page where she acts like a dog while making six figures a month.

While legacy media may focus on "Tik Tok Nurses" who are so stressed out they have to perform perfectly choreographed dance routines via a Chinese propaganda app, we at Flappr prefer to focus on women like Jenna who in the true pull yourself up by your dog collar fashion. Triumph of the American Spirit made the world a better place for herself and anyone with a poodle fetish.


While these women are fantastic role models and anyone should be proud if their daughter chose to follow in their paths, there was one woman who stood above all the rest in 2020.

I am of course talking about Melissa Carone:

This woman embodies all that is great about this country.

On top of being a stripper (one of the most honorable professions) who used her real name while performing, she worked as a ring girl at Detroit's Greek Town Casinos and sent videos of her having sex with her boyfriend to his ex-wife. In other words she was already damn near perfect before she sprang onto the scene as with the seemingly drunk bat shit insane testimony in front of the Michigan State Legislature.

I mean anyone who is good enough to be added to my "Post Great Reset Band of Miscreants" is good enough to win Flappr's Feminine Icon of the Year Award

Kudos, Melissa.


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