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Flappr For People Too Lazy To Read Flappr: Embrace Sundress Nationalism

We know that many of you are too busy to be bothered with ACTUALLY reading Flappr (-_-), so we've adapted Bartleby's blog Embrace Sundress Nationalism into a video essay, with fancy HD videos of attractive women and computer generated voice narration! Imagine that, written blogs in video form, brought to your phone via the magic of YouTube. It's Flappr For People Too Lazy to Read Flappr!

This installment seeks to answer the question "why do men love #sundress season?"

It's complicated and it's also not. Sundresses are a mixture of femininity and remind men of a specific and special time of their upbringing.

The video PREMEIRES TONIGHT AT 9:30/8:30 CT on YouTube!

Watch with us LIVE TONIGHT here:

While you're waiting, you can watch previous installments of Flappr For People Too Lazy To Read Flappr here:

Fuck Fishing by Bartleby.


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