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Flappr Editorial Board - Election Outlook Spectrum

With less than a week to go until the 2020 election, and after months of debating one another in the Flappr newsroom, a pattern has emerged. We all disagree quite a bit regarding President Trump's re-election chances. Flappr, unlike the libs in the mainstream media, believes in and values diversity of opinion...this election cycle has proven it. Here is my take on the Flappr Editorial Board's spectrum of outlooks regarding the 2020 Presidential Election.

Just send me to an island with my angels – Nero

As any Flapprite knows, our good friend Nero here thinks civilization was a mistake. So, while he is supremely confident Trump will get to 270 with ease it doesn’t really matter to him because he knows civilization is a disaster ("we live in a society but we shouldn’t!”) and he just wants to “throw away all tech and go live on a deserted island with the [Nero’s] Angels.” The dream.

Irrationally Optimistic – Phil

Phil is our resident optimist (when it comes to the election anyways). Nothing can phase him. Every bad poll can be safely ignored (fake news) and every good poll produces a half-chubb (Trump Landslide 2020!). All news is good news as far as Philly Bag O Donuts is concerned. Every story about Biden is the bombshell that is going to sink him this time. Every state is in play!

Rationally Confident – Bear

Cocaine Bear has been the most consistently confident, with good reason, throughout the entire election cycle. He has explained his reasoning why in a Flappr piece and frankly its actually pretty convincing. Enthusiasm, voter registrations, Republican strong ground game, people's disgust with the Left, increased minority support for Trump. How could anyone possibly disagree with this guy?

Fence Sitter - Bart

Seems as though Elder Bartleby doesn't know what to believe. I originally classified him as our "Rational Pessimist" because his latest forecast was still around a 55% chance of a Biden win but his opinion wavers day to day depending on which side of the bed he woke up on. The polls aren't to be believed right? Trump gets these huge crowds but can he really pull it off again? Nothing reconciles, nothing makes sense, nobody knows anything! He's probably the closest to right, honestly.

Unwavering Pessimist - JAC

Some may be surprised to hear this because I love the Trump and I always close my Flappr articles with "the best is yet to come." Deep down I do truly believe that. But since we shut the country down, made COVID the only priority, and royally fucked up the economy, I have had a very bad feeling about this election and just cannot get past that notion. I drive poor old Phil crazy with my ability to twist anything into bad news or write off big stories as things voters just won't care about. Is Trump down double digits to that dementia patient? No of course not, that's absurd. Can he hold onto the Rust Belt? Is Arizona going too blue too fast? I just don't feel so wonderful about those prospects and cannot bring myself to accept otherwise.

Just kill me either way - Burnout

Its pretty clear Burnout wants Trump to win. He wants to see the libs cry yet again and be tortured by your favorite president for another four years. But regardless of the election outcome, what he wants most of all, is for us to just take him out of his misery because society is a doomed failure. But the more likely reason is so he doesn't have to listen to my and Phil's bullshit for even another second.

As you can see, our diversity of thought here at Flappr is strong and has produced quite the spectrum of outlooks on the election and aftermath. How will this translate into official election predictions? Stay tuned for that in the coming days! And lets pray yours truly is wrong because then the best will be yet to come.



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