• Nero

Civilization Was a Mistake

Editor's Note: The views of Nero do not necessarily reflect those of Flappr. They may but really we don't always know what the fuck he is talking about and you probably don't either so it's best to include the disclaimer

Racism is stupid. Humans, regardless of the color of their skin, are equally terrible. They aren’t sending us their best. They’re sending Karens, they’re sending thugs, they’re sending Gwenyth Paltrow

I am sure some of them are good people. I mean the law of large numbers says there have to be some good people.

Statistical laws that state there have to be some good people aside, what we are dealing with here in society is anything but good people. Sure they may think they are good, most humans genuinely believe they are, but in actuality they are selfish, callow, terrified, and dumb. Not that there is necessarily anything wrong with that in and of itself. The problem comes in when the humans, acting as the voice of civilization try force other humans to live by their specific biases.

Therein lies the problem. Humans use their own specific biases and weaknesses to determine right and wrong and expect that their definitions of right and wrong will be accepted as objective. The issue with this is that right and wrong are by definition human constructs and therefore subjective. There is no law of the physical world which can be scientifically proven that dictates right and wrong. No right and wrong, morality in general, are created by humans to protect them and their specific needs.

It gets even more amusing when the humans start talking about the right and wrong side of history. The right and wrong side of history is completely subjective and determined by where and when you lived and by who won what war. To put it simply if the Nazi’s had developed the nuclear bomb and dropped it over D.C., as in The Man in the High Castle, they would be seen in the history books as the good guys.

Those who use “the right side of history” to defend their actions often don’t even understand history themselves. I keep seeing in regards to Confederate Monuments “why do we have monuments to losers” or “They weren’t Americans” etc. Have the schools quit teaching reconstruction? Do they no longer count the deaths from southern states as United States casualties? The whole point of the civil war monuments to confederate soldiers was to say we are still one nation. That the North didn’t vanquish the South but reconciled with them. Albeit with cannon and rifles.

Look I personally think statues and monuments are stupid. I really do not give a fuck if Robert E Lee or Abraham Lincoln has a single monument standing. Personally I love the idea of replacing any monument with one of Oderus Urungus

or Britney Spears because I am an absurdist and it would be awesome. As far as I am concerned let’s replace the Star Spangled Banner with Saddam A Go Go

But the thing is I am not pretending I am making a difference for the betterment of civilization by saying replacing these monuments is fine. I am saying do it because it shows how fucking ridiculous civilization is.

I mean do people honestly think that someone looked up at a statue of Robert E Lee and said you know what I think I’ll be racist? For the love of Cthulhu I doubt any actual racist, not the non-antiracist racist (whatever the fuck that means), even knows who the fuck Robert E Lee was. I also doubt those who want to rip down his statutes know much other than he was a confederate general either.

I mean this morning I woke up to find out that we are ending racism by getting rid of Aunt Jemima. Because surely everyone gets the urge to put on a white hood and burn crosses every time they put syrup on their pancakes. BTW when did it become acceptable to call it French Toast again? (Goes back to calling it Freedom Toast).

People want to tear down statues because they don’t like the people who don’t want them torn down. All of this chaos is happening because people don’t like the way other people think. This is civilization for you. Humans have it so damn easy, not having to worry about an apex predator eating their families and such, that they find the stupidest shit to fight about.

Is a Civilization where these are two choices to lead the free world really worth saving?

The humans really need to just accept that they are really insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Once they accept this it will make their lives so much better as they will stop worrying about things like who has a statue and just start living their lives.

I ask this in all seriousness is a civilization that requires abuse, not recreational enjoyment, of alcohol and narcotics or worse prescription medications to help with serotonin uptake just to get through the excruciating minutiae of daily life really worth saving?

What we are experiencing right now is the end game of civilization. It’s what happens when animals have spent a couple of millennia LARPing as gods. The humans were so preoccupied as to whether or not they could build a civilization that they never stopped to think if they should. Civilization is hubris and it will fall likely sooner rather than later only to be rebuilt again.

But at least the rebuilding will be fun