The Presidential Election is Over Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Truzz Trump.

There are so many indicators that this election is already over that I’ve stopped wondering what the outcome will be. Let’s read some tea leaves, shall we? But first – preach, Lamar.

1. Fundraising

Republican fundraising in 2020 has been on steroids with over 1.08 BILLION dollars raised versus 633 million dollars for Democrats. Alarm bells should be ringing for Democrats especially after June fundraising totals were announced and the Republicans raised 25 million dollars more than Democrats. Look at the heatmap of money raised below. That sure looks like another electoral college victory to me.

2. Slow nationwide Biden campaign ramp-up / Republican ground game

While the Republicans have had a strong campaign presence in battleground states since last year Joe Biden’s campaign has just recently hired state campaign apparatus in Ohio, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. Non-incumbent candidates have the disadvantage of having to wait to clinch the nomination but Biden has been the clear candidate since at least April. Waiting this long to roll out a nationwide campaign is complete self-sabotage.

Also, the Republicans are not ceding one iota of their ground game. They continue to go door to door to convince neighbors to vote Republican. The Democrats have not. Why when the stakes are supposedly so high did they decide this was a good policy?

3. Kamala Harris as VP will split the Democratic party in two

Picking Harris as the VP was one of the oddest political decisions I’ve ever seen. It elated the right and made the left cry for exactly the same reason – she’s a terrible candidate. Her presidential campaign ceased before even one person could vote. I remember thinking she was tough as nails during Senate committee hearings only to realize during the debates that when she isn’t in a scripted setting she’s a paper tiger. Tulsi suplexed her and her response to that was completely underwhelming. You think the Squad supports Harris? I can almost guarantee you that they do not.

The excellent @Kbrassenstein created this and it perfectly sums up the choice.

4. Biden’s switch to a “revolutionary agenda”

Sleepy Joe was supposed to restore our politics to normalcy. He was the safe candidate that would make life simple again after the raucous chaos of a Donald Trump presidency. Now he’s telling America to “face the deep, open wound” of systemic racism. He’s talking with Andrew Yang about universal basic income. He’s proposing the federal government pay half the salaries of employees at struggling businesses to avert mass layoffs. It will fall flat with swing voters.

5. Liberals are abandoning the left and some will vote Trump

Knitter Karlyn Borysenko going viral was the first time I became aware of this phenomenon. As I started paying closer attention I realized this was a growing movement. I started researching the Walk Away movement and was surprised to find out they have marches and meetups. They have Black Walk Away, Hispanic Walk Away, and LGBTQ Walk Away. People on Twitter are now starting to come out, too, as liberals realize the left is becoming something awful.

6. Fox News ratings

You might be asking “What does the ratings for Fox News matter?” Well, a lot. It’s an unscientific way of determining what the country cares about and what information they’re consuming. Fox News doesn’t try to hide the riots and the unrest. Fox News is not just the highest rated for cable news. Fox News has the highest ratings for anything on television. People are not just sitting back and watching their American Idol or whatever the hell is on these days. They are concerned. They are worried. People that normally don’t pay attention to the news are absolutely aware of it now.

7. Gun sales

May, June, and July absolutely smashed gun sales records with over 3 million background checks being run. That’s 3 million more guns the American public have in their possession. There is absolutely no doubt this is directly correlated to the Minneapolis riots. Those new people watching based af Tucker Carlson are also hitting the ranges now.

8. Blue states / cities are losing population

It’s a common misconception that people that flee blue states move to a nice red state and then proceed to turn that state blue. Studies have shown that people tend to vote conservative after fleeing a liberal state. It’s why Texas is still red even though the left is constantly telling themselves they have a shot after an influx of people from California. I say let them think it. It’s simply hilarious to watch Dems light boatloads of cash on fire while a Republican pulls in about half that amount and still wins.

This also translates to less representation in the House for those states. California, Illinois, and New York, and New Jersey will most likely lose seats while Texas and Florida will gain. People that have escaped the high taxes of California don’t move to Florida and then complain when they find out there’s no state income tax.

9. People of color will turn out in stronger numbers for Trump than they did in 2016.

Watch the black and Hispanic Walk Away videos on YouTube. They’re eye opening. Search for “ni**a Trump” on Twitter and read through the tweets. There is a huge groundswell of black support for Trump and huge awakening among people of color that the Democratic party simply wants their vote but then won’t do anything to make their lives better. Trump passed criminal justice reform. Trump helps historically black colleges. He got 12% of the black vote in 2016. I wouldn’t be surprised if he doubles that. By the way, my liberal Donald Trump hating brother-in-law absolutely loves Lamar Jackson and I sent that “Truzz Trump” tweet to him the second I saw it.

10. People understand Biden is going through some form of cognitive decline

Biden’s whole campaign is elder abuse. His wife and all his handlers should be ashamed of themselves for having him run. 40% of voters see that. Expect that number to rise the closer we get to the election.