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Britney Finally Free . . . Of Clothes

The #FreeBritney movement, a collection of people online and in the media supporting Britney Spears' efforts to liberate herself from a court ordered conservatorship granted to her father, was a movement I could not have given any less of a shit about.

I don't really care about Britney Spears all that much.

I find online movements like this one to be very fucking dumb.

I think that the people advocating for the end of her conservatorship probably don't know important details about what was going on, and why a judge (and her father) was hesitant to dissolve the court ordered protection.

But it worked, I guess, and Britney Spears is now free to live her life without having to account to the conservator.

Let's check and see how the Queen of Bubblegum Pop is celebrating her new found freedom!

Oh, shit. . . she nekkid. Like REAL nekkid. Like REAL nekkid and posting an album of nekkid photos of herself all over Instagram.

This puts me in somewhat of a pickle.

On one hand, Flappr is VERY pro-MILF and Britney is a MILF, twice over. Flappr wants to provide a safe haven for MILFs far and wide to embrace their MILFdom and let others appreciate all that makes MILFs so wonderous.

On the other hand, Britney Spears seems like she might be a little crazy, like should be under conservatorship of a close family member, type-crazy, and maybe it's not a good thing that she's undressing herself and posting it all over her public Instagram account?

I mean, she shaved her head and then went full primal on a journo with an umbrella back in the day (pretty great, actually).

Maybe she's recovered from all of things that seemed to have gone awry, is totally competent and this self-published expose of her naked body is just her way of celebrating freedom and showing the world her body can still rock your shit. For her sake, I genuinely hope that's the case.

Or maybe a lot of people got uppity on the internet again and helped bully the court system into taking an action that wasn't in her best interest.

Either way, it looks like Wild-Nekkid-Britney is finally free and I'm sure we'll be seeing ALOT more of her in the days and months to come.

Happy Friday, I hope you didn't open this blog at work and God Bless America.


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