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The War On MILFs Continues

Back in February, we told you the story of Crystal Jackson, a 44 year old MILF who was MILF-shamed by local parents for posting. . . provocative photos of herself on the internet (with her husbands blessing).

If you thought the MILF shaming would end there, then buddy,,,,, have I got some bad news for you.

Not only has the war on MILFS continued, it's now gone international. This episode of MILF-shaming takes us to jolly 'ol England, where 26-year-old, working mother of two and certified MILF, Alexandria Taylor received this letter from one of her neighbors:

From Facebook

The BLOODY NERVE! Who is this British wanker to tell poor Alexandria what she can and cannot wear inside her own bloody house?! We should not be condemning such behavior! We should be celebrating that a mother of two is comfortable enough in her own skin to trollop around in her skivvies?!

Undeterred, Alexandria took to Facebook to seek counsel from others in her community, posting this to her feed:

From Kennedy News and Media

Good heavens, this woman is an angel. I have never heard her speak before, but I am reading her entire post in the most adorable cockney accent. Right up for debate, govnuh! I went 'round each room in me house to turn of me lights! Me neighbuh's littul peepin tom of a dawtuh must a caught a glimpse of me arse!

Alexandria provided more of her side of the story to Claire Toureille of the Daily Mail: 'It's the most bizarre thing that's ever happened to me, I can't get my head round it. 'I wasn't walking around naked. I was wearing a t-shirt and French knickers - they covered a lot of my bum."

Did you hear that you pug-ugly neighborhood minger? She was wasn't even naked! She was wearing French knickers and a top - and they even covered most of her bum!!! This poor MILF cant even get her head "round it" (so, so, so adorable) so just LEAVE HER ALONE!

From Kennedy News and Media

Thankfully, Alexandria seems embolden by this attack upon her MILFness and looks to stand as a bulwark against those who would seek to keep MILFs fully clothed and hidden from the public eye.

Undeterred, Alexandria vowed to the Daily Mail that: "“[i]t’s my house, it’s my rules,” and that “It absolutely will not stop me walking around in my own home in underwear and a T-shirt.” Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes a million times more. Alexandria Taylor should be able to walk around her twee little cottage in as much or as little cloth as she deems necessary and that is nothing that some jealous British sow should have another bother with.

God Bless you, Alexandria Taylor. And God Bless all MILFs foreign and domestic. We will stand with you. We will be #MILFStrong


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