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Boobs. Oh Yeah.

I add boobs to the same article and readership goes up 600 percent?

600 percent?!?! REALLY?

Give us a break here. We're trying to do good work that's not just milker-related. Our content is actually pretty darn interesting if any of you can keep it in your pants for more than 5 minutes at time.

Did you know we've written over 800 blogs? Most of them aren't about boobs.

We wrote an eBook and well. . . that did have a pretty gratuitous sex scene, actually. . . but still it was really fucking funny too!

What about our four very long documentaries on the Russian and French Revolutions! Those didn't have ANY boobs in them! Actually, wait. . . the French one did start off with a slow zoom into a pair of breasts . . .

Still. . . those videos have minimal boobs and you still like those. What I'm saying is, help us out - click on things that are not just milker-related and we promise to also give you milker-related, occasionally, when you've earned it.

Now, that I've scolded you . . . here are boobs. BIG boobs!


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