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Flappr's BIG TDs Football Blog: Big Game Bets

Editor's Note: Welcome back to Flappr's Big TD Football Blog! We didn't keep up with this as much as we'd hoped during the season, but our good friend, @balling_it graciously agreed to resurrect the blog for investment advice for Sunday's 'Big Game'. The following information is for entertainment purposes only. Don't be stupid and invest more than you can afford to lose. Also, we're using the term 'Big Game' instead of the actual name of the 'Big Game' because I heard that the NFL is litigious and don't want to get a nasty e-mail for a silly blog.

An estimated 23 billion is expected to be wagered on this year’s 'Big Game', an over 33 percent increase from last year.  The big game is taking place in Sin City which would have been unheard of just a couple of years ago.  You can’t turn on the TV without seeing a cringe commercial from an online sportsbook.  It is undeniable that gambling is truly the hottest vice right now. 

When I bet on the 'Big Game' I like to make a bunch of prop bets and a small number of serious bets.  I like to keep the dollar amounts low so that I can enjoy the food, beverages, and company without stressing over my bets.   Below are some bets I made starting with some silly prop bets, along with a brief analysis.   

1. To score the winning touchdown in Puppy Bowl: Pecan (+3300).  Pecan is too cute and looks like he can ball! 

2. Times Taylor Swift shown during broadcast: under 5 (+125).  This isn’t a game involving the Jets.  This is going to be a competitive game and people will be invested in the result. Gisele Bundchen was only shown twice during the broadcast when she started dating Brady. The caveat here could be if Kelce has a truly great game Swift may get more airtime.  

3.  How many times will Olivia Culpo be shown during the broadcast: under 1.5 (-130).  Just adding this so the editor at Flappr can insert a picture of this absolute smokeshow. (Editor's Note: noted.)

4. Purdy to throw at least one interception (-150).  Interception props are fun because you win them instantaneously.  Purdy is aggressive and the Chiefs defense is too. Also like a sprinkle on two interceptions or more (+350). (Editor's Note: Brock Purdy is Flappr's Official All-American Boy, we do not endorse this investment advice)


5. Most rushing yards in the game: Isiah Pacheco (+160).  The 49ers’ rush defense has been underwhelming and Pacheco been looking really good.  McCaffery could get a lot of his yards through the air and the 49ers have many mouths to feed.  Another nice bet is Pacheco over 69 rushing yards (-129).

6. Six point teaser:  Chiefs + 8, Under 53.5 (-115).  I like the under in this game not because the offenses are not great but because I think the pace will be slow and there won’t be that many possessions.  Hard to imagine the Chiefs losing by more than 8 too.  

7. DUCK's BEST BET: Chiefs +0.5 points first quarter (-152). Purdy has been slow to get going and it's hard to not think the 49ers won’t have some jitters. The Chiefs will just need a first-quarter tie for this bet to hit.   

Lines pulled from Betonline.Ag as of 9:00 PM EST on 2/7/24. 

Lines values change and differ from book to book.    


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