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Worst President Ever?

Is it too early to give Joe Biden the title of Worst President Ever?

We’re almost 8 months into Joe Biden’s presidency and the President’s slip about being in office for 15 months feels about right. If he’s started off like this, I fear what the country might look like at the end of his term. There’s almost no metric that I view coming from this administration that looks positive to me. I’m not happy about it, either. I’d much rather this country and its citizenry have a much stronger set of fundamentals in front of it.

1. The collapse of Kabul. Americans were rightly shocked to find out the Taliban had retaken Kabul so quickly after we started the process of exiting Afghanistan. Most people supported the troops coming home but it was pretty stunning to see the collapse of the Afghan government as the president fled to another country and Afghan troops laid down their weapons as the Taliban advanced. Americans are right to be distressed at this absolute display of incompetence after being told repeatedly by Joe Biden that a takeover by the Taliban was not going to happen.

To be fair, this is also pretty damning of our military generals as well – but ultimately the buck stops with Joe Biden. It certainly didn’t help as Americans watched the country devolve over the weekend and not one iota from Biden as the situation spiraled our of control. He and Jen Psaki are both on vacation? Really? They can’t be bothered to explain the situation or reassure the country? The polling is out now and 70% of respondents strongly disapprove of Biden’s handling of Afghanistan. This is not something that voters are going to forget about in next year’s elections.

2. Nord Stream 2. Joe Biden has called Vladimir Putin a “KGB thug” and a “killer”. However, he’s so unconcerned about Putin that he withdrew any objection for Russia to complete their natural gas pipeline – the Nord Stream 2 which expands Russia’s influence over Europe’s energy sources while simultaneously hurting US natural gas exporters. Rather than checking Russia’s influence or thinking about American jobs, Joe Biden gave Angela Merkel a big political win by allowing completion of the pipeline. Funny way of showing that “America is back”.

3. American energy independence. When Joe Biden isn’t strengthening Russia and kneecapping American natural gas exporters he’s making life more difficult for everyday Americans by making gasoline cost more. As soon as Biden got in office he immediately killed the Keystone XL pipeline which would have brought 830,000 barrels of crude to the US each day and created thousands of American jobs. That was followed up by an executive action that implemented a moratorium on new oil and gas leases on federal land. Rather than keeping America energy independent, Joe Biden is now asking that OPEC pump more crude which is sheer parody at this point. Joe Biden would rather buy crude from OPEC which includes such friendly countries like Iran and Venezuela. Oh, OPEC told Biden to go pound sand because they would not be pumping more.

4. Inflation. We’ve seen some really big surges in inflation recently as food, gasoline, household goods keep increasing in price. The inflation has been exacerbated by Democrat policies as they want to keep flooding the economy with COVID aid and rent moratoriums. Joe claims inflation isn’t going to be a problem but look at the chart below. Inflation is surging past any wage growth and Americans aren’t fooled by him saying inflation isn’t a problem. A recent poll had 8 out of 10 squarely blaming the administration.

5. The border crisis. July gave us the highest number of border crossings in almost two decades as Border Patrol apprehended over 200,000 people. It’s so bad that in leaked audio Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas claimed the administration is "going to lose" the border crisis as "unsustainable" numbers of migrants continue to pour into the United States. Biden undid many of Trump’s policies that kept the border manageable such as ceasing to build the border wall, ending the “Remain in Mexico” program, and re-instating the Obama era “catch and release” policy. Couple that with the always possible amnesty that Democrats favor and the resulting mess was predictable.

6. COVID. Although I don’t blame Biden directly for the virus I do blame him for not protecting American citizens as Biden flies illegal immigrants to cities in the interior of the country and then simply lets them go. Over 20% of those tested for COVID have tested positive and there are plenty of stories of seeing immigrants that are definitely ill. It’s simply criminal that the Biden administration is sending all these immigrants into the interior of the country. If he truly cared about ending the COVID crisis he wouldn’t be sending sick or untested immigrants to places like Tennessee and Michigan.

I have never seen a more incompetent administration. It would be one thing if these were all acts of God but they simply aren’t. Most of these are self-inflicted. I think the mid-terms are going to be a bloodbath for Democrats next year.

In fact, we're just seven months in and the latest Reuters/Ipsos Poll, conducted on Monday, after the Afghanistan debacle, had Biden's overall job approval rating at just 46 percent. This is an astonishing number given that the same poll had him at 53 percent just last Friday and that Monday's pool of 1000 respondents included almost 200 more Democrats than Republicans!

Let's take a look at what his overall job approval polling average looks like from Real Clear Politics:

Biden went from a net +19.5 approval on January 27th to a net +2.4 approval by August 18th. What an absolute catastrophe. There is no way this man is running again in 2024.

He may just go down as one of the worst Presidents in recent memory. At least no mean tweets though.


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