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Who Will Biden Pick To Replace Breyer?

In case you haven't heard, it seems that Associate Justice, Stephen Breyer will be retiring at the end of of the current Supreme Court term.

Justice Breyer, 83, was appointed by Bill Clinton back in 1994 and has been, more or less, a reliable voice for insane liberals ever since.

With Breyer's announcement, this will give Joe Biden the opportunity to appoint a very progressive judge with a younger, most likely border-line communist Judge.

It will not disrupt the current 6-3 balance of SCOTUS Justices appointed by Republicans to ones appointed by Democrats.

The Senate is 50/50 (51/50 w/ Kamala Harris) and back in 2017, Mitch McConnell nuked the filibuster for SCOUTS nominees, so there is no real pathway to block any of Biden's nominees. If you're a conservative voter, this is important remember when you get insanely mad that that a justice is eventually confirmed - there is no REAL way to block this nomination, unless Sinema or Manchin jump ship.

That is very unlikely to happen and the GOP is probably better off focusing on midterms, rather than prolonging the inevitable and giving Democrats something to run on in 2022.

Now that we've set the playing field, the question turns to who will Biden pick to try and energize liberals and try and get a small boost in his dismal approval ratings?

"Will you accept this cone?"

I have really have any fucking clue who Biden will choose, but I have a keyboard and an internet connection, so let's examine who people are suggesting on Twitter:

Option #1 - Kamala Harris

There is a lot of fever dreaming online today that Biden might appoint Kamala Harris to the Supreme Court.

The primary motivation behind such a decision, it seems, is that Biden can dispatch of Harris to SCOTUS and relive himself of her incompetence, terrible approval ratings and remove her off the chessboard for the 2024 nomination.

The other motivation seems to be the use of psychedelic drugs.

This guy was prominent in the GOP for years and you wonder why it failed so often.

I don't think Biden chooses Kamala Harris and I'm not sure Kamala Harris wants this seat. I don't think Kamala Harris entered public life to make a difference, I think Kamala Harris ran for office because she enjoys the celebrity it provides.

Being on the Supreme Court isn't sexy enough for Kamala Harris and would prohibit her from achieving her real goals - power and fame.

Likewise, I don't think Joe Biden solves his problem by kicking Kamala Harris to the curb. If he gets rid of her, he's just going to have to progressive activists on his doorstep, demanding that he appoint ANOTHER pain in his ass as VP.

Chance of Appointment - 10%


Option #2 - Merrick Garland

Ah yes, Merrick Garland, the most prized trophy on Cocaine Mitch McConnell's wall of fame.

"I added the cuckold horns for effect"

Ah yes, Merrick Garland, the current Attorney General, who when he's not too busy trying to influence judges from enforcing eviction laws, spends his time targeting parents who voice their concerns at school board meetings.

To be honest, this transition-lens-wearing fuck makes a lot of sense for Joe Biden.

Garland is a very experienced judge, viewed as a "moderate" by today's standards and would help make good on the lie Biden told during his campaign about being a "unity" president.

Garland on the court helps heal a wound inflicted back in 2016.

Garland makes it very difficult for any Republicans to vote no - given that they should know that any alternative would likely be 10x worse.

If Joe Biden was a serious President, he'd probably nominate Merrick Garland or someone like him.

But Joe Biden is a fucking r-tard, who back in May of 2020 promised to appoint a black woman to the Supreme Court of the United States.

So if Joe Biden doesn't appoint a black woman to the Supreme Court, it will be political suicide.

Sorry Merrick, because you were (allegedly) born with a cock and lack high enough levels of melanin in your skin tone - you will not be getting this nomination!

Yay Racism!

Chance of Appointment - 0%


Option #3 - Ketanji Brown Jackson

I know virtually nothing about Ketanji Brown Jackson other than she is a black woman, she's only 51 years old, she was recently appointed to serve on the D.C. Court of Appeals after serving 8 years on the DC District Court and used to clerk for. . . . you guessed it - Stephen Breyer.

Check, Check, Check and . . . Check.

If Biden DOESN'T appoint Judge Brown Jackson, I will be shocked.

This seems like such an absolute no-brainer that even a no-brain-haver like Joe Biden cannot fuck this one up.

Is she a good judge? I don't know and, unfortunately, I don't think that matters to either side these days.

What used to be an institution that was viewed as truly independent and impartial has quite obviously become: i) a place that conservatives view as a backstop to the insanity of the left (which is fairly consistent with the original intent of the courts); ii) and a super legislative body for progressives to enact laws they couldn't get enough votes to pass (Roe v. Wade).

That's a shame, but it's reality.

It's also reality that Joe Biden should never promised to appoint someone based on their race and gender. Not only is it the type of regressive "equity" bullshit that most Americans hate, but are too afraid to admit, but Kentaji Brown Jackson would've likely been a promising candidate for progressives regardless.

So instead of appointing Judge Brown solely on her merits (Harvard Law educated, experience serving on a prestigious District Court, clerking for Breyer), the specter of "well, Joe Biden promised to pick a black woman" will always be there.

Oh well, Joe needed a bump in his approvals, so fuck off - you stupid son of a bitch!

Oh and get used to hearing the name Kentaji Brown Jackson, she's going to be in your life for a looooong time.

Chance of Appointment - 95%


Happy Hump Day and God Bless America.


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