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Welcome to Flappr

Greetings. Welcome to Flappr. We hope you enjoy your stay.

We're very excited to launch this website, provide a platform to a booming community of content creators, make you laugh, entertain you, inform you (unlikely) and maybe own a lib or two along the way.

Our objective at Flappr will be not to take anything too seriously. We’re not here to try and convince you to change your political opinions on anything, you already have your mind made up and we don’t care. Rather, this is a POLITICAL COMEDY website designed to make people laugh, sometimes at our own expense, sometimes at your expense, mostly at the expense of those in power.

I promise you that their will be misspellings and grammatical errors and I promise you that I could care les about them. Flappr is community driven, created by and propelled forward with volunteer bloggers looking to try and bring the mayhem of Twitter to blog form. We hope to bring focus and promote some of the best and brightest of the center-right twitter community and provide an edgy and funny alternative to the current media landscape.

We are just getting things started, so we hope you'll be patient as we figure things out and realize we have no idea as to how to run a website. If you see something that made you laugh, maybe share with a friend and help our little operation grow.


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