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We Stand With Hannah Gadsby

So Dave Chappelle was in Nashville on Sunday and took the opportunity to address some of the "controversy" (i.e. media people mad that he made jokes about people that the media says you're not allowed to joke about).

Chappelle was in hyper "fuck you" mode Sunday night, pulling zero punches and spitting hot truth all over the Music City. He didn't just NOT back down from the criticsm, he doubled down on his opinion and even took the extra step of calling out Hannah Gadsby, a comedian that bluechecks on Twitter LOVE, but you've probably never heard of before - because she's not funny.

For reference, here is a clip from Nanette, Hannah Gadsby's "comedy" special that critics LOVED (100% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes) but that audiences loathed (26% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes):

HAHAHAHHA, that was hilarious!

So back to Chappelle, on Sunday he said that he is willing to meet with members of the LGBTQ community but is "not bending to anybody's demands" and that his conditions for such a meeting include a declaration that "Hannah Gadsby is not funny."


Comedians usually don't shit on other comedians - it's kind of a code among people in the industry. So it's telling that Chappelle went there. It's pretty fucking ballsy and pretty fucking funny.

You can watch the entire clip - which he posted to his OWN verified Instagram account here:

Dude is clearly pissed that the Alphabet mafia has - according to him - gotten his new documentary removed from film festivals around the country. It doesn't seem like he's ready to back down any time soon.

This dust up led to mischief makers (yours truly included) to show their "solidarity" with Hannah Gadsby by posting pictures of people who LOOK like Hannah Gadsby, but who are NOT Hannah Gadsby.

Lets look at some of the funniest entries into the "I Stand With Hannah Gadsby" meme genre:

Like many memes on Twitter, this one started from @soylent_lament, who is one of the best accounts on Twitter.

Yeah, that's the Gadsby look and that trademark Gadsby wit.

Hope you brought a Kevlar vest.

Hope you brought a rain coat.

Hope you brought ear plugs.

Hope you . . . aren't underage. . .

What the fuck is it with super progressives and this look? Do they all shop at the androgynous human store?

Anyways, the whole point of this wasn't REALLY to shit on Hannah Gadsby. Some people, for some reason, find her funny, and THAT'S OK!

A great feature of comedy is that people find different things funny - we don't hate Hannah Gadsby, we're only - as the Brits would say - taking the piss out of her (or as Americans would say - fucking with her). Everybody used to understand that jokes were just . . . jokes and not literal "violence" or a way to entirely "erase" someone's existence.

It would be nice if other side still felt the same way. They don't, though, do they?

Happy Wednesday and God Bless America.


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