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If the cover image for this blog didn't clue you into the purpose of this blog, I have, indeed, decided to renew all of our web hosting subscriptions and keep the blog running for another year.

This is not a commitment that we will make future videos with Professor Jimbo (though, I would very much like to produce a series on the American Revolution before we call it quits). Full disclosure, Professor O'Flannery has not outright refused to make future videos, but has, thus far, despite my pleadings, remained non-committal.

Jimbo is his own man, these videos consume a tremendous amount of his time. He's never been paid and I totally understand if he feels like he's done his part.

No, this commitment only pertains to keeping the blog running for another year.

Why? I don't really know, exactly. If I'm being honest, I feel pretty burnt out right now.

The production and release of the final episode of The Chinese Revolution - Good Thing, Bad Thing? was laborious. My continued marketing efforts for our work requires me to do things that I do not enjoy doing - mainly asking for favors and pleading for people to consume our product. The blog itself takes a fair amount of time to assemble each week - and even then, I'm writing less about the events of the world and more about T.I.T.S.

But, even beyond that, I am kind of burnt out on being so. . . online.

Being so jacked into social media every day can have a very deleterious effect on your world view and peace of mind. This misery can come in many forms. The media saying a Florida school has banned a poem by a black author, when in reality it was merely moved to a different part of a library. Our president calling a fairly anodyne Georgia voting law "Jim Crow on steroids." Republicans attacking other republicans over which candidate they support for the nomination 8 months out before the Iowa caucuses.

It feels overwhelming at times. It feels insurmountable. It feels like libtards and the media can single handedly bend the nation to its will by shaping its narrative.

There is absolutely part of me that wants to return to my pre-online existence. Delete the Twitter accounts. Delete the YouTube and Rumble channels. Take the blue pill, return to my life of being a husband, father and neighborhood dipshit.

You know, I know this steak doesn't exist. I know that when I put it in my mouth, the Matrix is telling my brain that it is juicy and delicious. After nine years, you know what I realize? Ignorance is bliss.

*sigh* No. No. No. Cynicism is a poison and I choose to spit it out.

So - what led me to my decision to keep the blog around? Well, there are several factors - I'll start by thanking you for all of the of kind words and support you shared publicly on our timeline or privately in our DMs (no more dick pics please!), encouraging me to keep the band together, persevere, and thanking Flappr for the laughs that help sweeten up your day.

The community we've built is nothing short of amazing. The lot of you are genuinely good, decent, generous people. You are quick with praise and endorsement. You advocate for our mission. You continue to try and proselytize others to join our flock. You have a ruthless sense of humor. You're in on the joke. We love you and we appreciate you.

Thank you.

Yet, I did not choose to carry on solely to continue to entertain you. No, my decision this year was based on a quote from some random motivational speaker from the 1980s that I had never heard of until recently and have not looked into since.

Ready for this? Here goes:

“How long should you try? Until.” - Jim Rohn (hopefully nobody reading this will tell me he was outed as a pedo or something)

I came across this quote one day while searching for Tucker Carlson clips on YouTube. An account named "Sigma Mindset" or something (lol) posted it as a short and, for whatever reason, it struck me like a white woman reading Eat, Pray, Love.

I do not, however, interpret that quote in the manner it was presented by Mr. Rohn in the video above. Whereas Mr. Rohn insists that you should never give up "until" you reach your goal, I do believe that thresholds for continued efforts should exist for most non-essential things in life.

For me, "Until." should be restated as "Until?".

For me, I have not reached my "Until", not just yet.

While our videos and our blogs have yet to reach the level of recognition that I feel they deserve, Flappr, as a project and my hobby, still remains quite fun. There are times when Flappr brings out my optimism. There are times when Flappr fills my heart with a little joy.

So, I guess I am choosing to do this "Until" Flappr ceases to be fun.

Or "Until" Flappr ceases to bring out my optimism, or fails to fill my heart with joy.

Or . . . maybe I'll be doing Flappr "Until" we succeed beyond my wildest expectations? Until we win?

Is the sun rising or setting on The Flappr Project? We will not know until we get there.

Who knows . . . maybe the horse will learn to sing?


Jun 08, 2023

Thank goodness I found you. And just as you've come to a crossroad. Thank you for sticking with it. There are others like me out there just discovering your blog and Utube channel.


May 31, 2023

Thank you for committing to stick around for a bit longer. Your humor and perspective are appreciated and enjoyed!

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