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The Right is the Bigger Tent – And It’s Only Getting Larger

We often accuse the Left of deliberate distortion of language. A simple example is labeling riots as protests. Most Americans think peaceful protests are good. This country was founded on protesting. Mislabeling riots as protests is a clear distortion of what’s really occurring in an attempt to normalize left-wing violence. But what happens when a term changes in a very real and organic way and not through the manipulation of language?

We are starting to see that now in terms of what encapsulates the Right as the coalition that it forms broadens. Maybe we need a new word to describe this new situation because it doesn’t just mean conservatives anymore. As the Left has become more restrictive on what opinions are acceptable, people are having a natural revulsion for the new authoritarian left and being pushed to the Right. We’re starting to see a broad and diverse collection ranging from classical liberals to traditional conservatives.

The Walk Away movement was started by Brandon Straka, a former liberal that discovered how badly the mainstream media manipulates, lies, and pushes outrage for clicks and profit. He has spread this movement into something really exciting. Search on YouTube for “WalkAway Campaign”. There are hundreds and hundreds of testimonial videos of people having their “WalkAway moment” from an incredibly diverse range of people. They have rallies all over the country. These are all normal Americans that have decided to leave the Democratic party and the Left.

This doesn’t just apply to everyday Americans, either. People with institutional power are switching now which is a huge development. Robert Vlaisavljevich is a Democrat mayor that spoke at the RNC in favor of Trump. Democrat Georgia state Rep. Vernon Jones also gave an excellent speech. Jeff Van Drew is a New Jersey congressman that has actually switched parties from Democrat to Republican after the impeachment attempt failed.

What we’ve seen recently with Republicans that are backing Biden has been laughable. CBS News reported that 350 former Bush, Romney and McCain staffers united to endorse Joe Biden. This is the old establishment order that Trump has crushed and is actively trying to push out of the party. If Jon Kasich and a bunch of former deep staters want to leave the Republican party – let them. Good riddance.

With all these new people grouped together it’s a good question to ask can it last? Is it sustainable to have classical liberals, moderates, and conservatives grouped together? I would argue yes mostly because I think there are some shared principles with one of the main ones being the Right agrees that Cancel Culture is toxic and should be avoided at all costs. Discussion is welcomed and freedom of thought is paramount. Individualism is prized over conformity.

We shall see if this new Right holds.


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