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The French Revolution - Good Thing, Bad Thing? Is Here

So you've seen our page promote this video more than once on our various social media accounts. You will see our page promote this video a lot in the coming weeks and months.


Because we think this video is that damn good and we're proud that someone from our community put it together.

We think you're going to like it, because it's history, mixed with humor, mixed with universal themes mixed with whatever it is that we call Flappr.

This video marks the first time Flappr has tried to do something on this scale. It's a feature length video lecture, fully narrated, fully scripted, fully full of laughs. If our community enjoys it, we hope to do more of these. In fact, if people REALLY like this video, we may start doing these more than anything else.

We know it's 87 minutes long and that videos that long are risky in a day and age where attention spans can be measured in nano-seconds, but we think you're going to start watching and you're going to want to keep watching because it's that much fun.

All credit for this video goes to Professor James O'Flannery, who, on his own accord, just started making it one day. He e-mailed me and told me it was something he had started doing and I just replied "sounds cool", not knowing what - if anything - would ever come of it. Last week, Professor Jimbo let me watch a rough cut and I was blown away. The end result is something that I think that might be on the same level other prestige-level YouTube creators (like Internet Historian, for example) and this was the first time that Professor Jimbo had ever tried his hand at this type of content.

This was no small feat and it took him the better part of six weeks (working 4-5 hours a day) to complete the task. The video is demonetized on YouTube, so Jimbo - nor Flappr - will receive any money.

So why do it?

I don't know, actually. I suspect he did it for the same reason anyone who has contributed to Flappr decided to contribute to Flappr - because it's fun, an outlet to vent some creative energy and because there isn't a lot of new content out there that is specifically designed for people like us. That's basically why Flappr exists - to provide a place for content creators, memers, shitposters and writers to share their thoughts and hopefully have a laugh or two along the way.

Simply put, this video fucking owns and it's pretty unbelievable that Professor Jimbo produced this type of content on his first foray into video commentary.

The man is a genius and his video is now live on YouTube (watchable starting at 6pm Central - join us on Discord for our watch party!).

We hope that you'll give it a watch. We really hope that you like it so much that you will share it on social media and share with your friends. Every time to share a blog or meme or a video, it helps more than you might realize. We think this video is the best thing we've produced so far, so we hope that you'll help us reach new audiences and help Flappr grow.

So go, click the play button and give it a watch, maybe learn a thing or two and let us know what you think.

Vive la révolution!


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