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Relatable: Biden Nods Off During Boring Climate Meeting

Joe Biden has had a few days to remember.

Last Friday, he met with Pope Francis, who told him was "a good Catholic" despite his staunch support of abortion. It was during that meeting that Biden ALLEGEDY shit his pants:

Then Biden met with other world leaders at the G20 in Italy, where made reference to making sure the "trains run on time" - something that many people attribute to Benito Mussolini in that "Mussolini may have been a brutal, fascist, dictator, but at least he made the trains run on time".

Fast forward to today and Biden was at the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (also known as COP26), where 20,000 world leaders flew into Glasgow, Scotland, likely on private jets, to combat climate change (lol). The scene outside the conference looked like this, with several gas guzzling limousines:

It was here that Joe Biden might have demonstrated his most relatable moment as President, where he noticeably nodded off during one of the meetings, which had to be incredibly and miserably boring:

This is one of the rare times I am going to defend Joe Biden. This meeting had to have sucked major balls. Just listen to the video that's playing while he nods off - it sounds like some lib propaganda video where an Alien or something is pleading with Earth's leaders to combat global warming.

Holy fuck, how boring.

So Biden pulled the ultimate Chad move, he nodded off. He took a little cat nap. He said fuck this stupid shit, I'm going going to snatch forty-winks. That's what I would've done if I was forced to sit through that god awful dreck.

If you've never been in a meeting where the subject matter is so boring, so overwrought, so pointless that you just succumbed to a little shut-eye - then I don't think you've ever really lived.

This might actually help his approval rating.

I could see a lot of Americans watching him take a little morning siesta on a Monday, after a full day of eating wings, drinking beer and watching football, and think - yeah, I get that vibe.

Of course, Joe had to be there to push his globalist "great reset" agenda, so some schmuck realized that he was sleeping and was forced to walk over and go wake him up.

It's probably a bad look to be caught sleeping during a meeting where you're supposed to be discussing ways to sAvE tHe WoRLd or whatever.

"hOw DaRe YoU?!?!"

But I'd posit that if Biden's people want more people to like him and stop chanting "Let's Go Brandon", they should totally embrace the Sleepy Joe strategy.

They should post videos of him napping in his recliner while watching major Golf tournament. Share a moment of him drooling on a throw pillow after eating Thanksgiving dinner.

You know, relatable shit.

They won't because they're fucking idiots, but I bet he'd get more of a boost from taking naps than he will from passing his socialist "Build Back Better" agenda.

Oh well, at least he didn't shit his pants. . . right?

Happy Monday, God Bless America and Let's Go Brandon!


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