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Reform, Repent, Retvrn: A Radical Agenda To Save America

You, the ardent Flappr consumer, have undoubtedly heard countless incomprehensible calls for reform or utter replacement of our government and its core institutions following the overthrow of federally legal infanticide.

Liberals, leftists, commies, and *sigh* moderate white women…all becrying their apparently singular method of family planning.

From AOC calling for filibuster alterations (they still don't get that do they) to bluechecks demanding the expansion of the court, that side of the moral aisle doesn't give a good damn if it's safe, rare, medically necessary, nonviable, between a woman and her doctor, or any other stages argument the GOP has heard and sheepishly turned back to its voters and said “see, they're not evil…” only for the people have to tell them where to shove it.

I am proud of my country.

I am proud of the millions of men and women that have stood against the tyranny of tolerance to ensure that somewhere in this country we are not placing a generation on the altar of self centered convenience.

I am proud of Associate Justice Thomas who forgot neither himself nor what they did to him on the way up and in.

This return to normalcy brings into focus a few things I believe need tweaking. So. Instead of standing on the street corner threatening to burn down the SCOTUS building if I don't get my way, I'll use Flappr to promote my radical agenda.


Reform or Repent

Some of my radical plan for government overhaul:

  • Federal Term Limits:

    • House: Three terms - Salary equal to district median income. No retirement package.

    • Senate: Two terms - $80k Salary. No retirement package.

    • SCOTUS: Thirty years - $250k Salary. Upon exit, ¼ salary, and full insurance for life.

    • President: One term - $250k Salary. Upon exit, no salary, full insurance for life.

  • State Term Limits:

    • House: Four terms - Unpaid, no stipends, insurance, or retirement.

    • Senate: Four terms - Unpaid, no stipends, insurance, or retirement.

    • Constitutional Offices: Two terms - Salary equal to district median income, insurance, travel stipends. No retirement package.

  • Tax Rates:

    • Federal tax rate: 1%

    • State tax rate: 5% maximum.

    • Local tax rate: 5% maximum.

    • No sales tax on any goods transfer.

    • No property tax.

    • No inheritance tax.

    • No taxes after 70 years old.

    • No taxes before 18 years old.

  • POTUS:

    • POTUS is stripped of the power of executive order and from military authorization in any capacity except national border defense.

    • Secret Service coverage only while at the White House and traveling on official business. No protections after term expires.

  • Congress:

    • Campaign and administrative expenses will only be billable to a campaign or congressional office if travel is in the district or to/from their DC office.

    • Congressional offices are limited to two staff and the congressperson in DC and three staff in the district, senators get four staff in each.

    • All Congressmen and Congresswomen are required to maintain permanent residency in their districts and be required to return to their districts and be in the local office a minimum of twice per month for a minimum of 24 business hours for a total of 72 in-district hours.

    • All Congressmen and Congresswomen are required to have established permanent residency no less than five years prior to filing for candidacy.

    • One-to-One legislation. One item per bill period. No omnibus. No “read it after we pass it” legislation. One bill, one vote.

    • All congressional districts are to be divided by population and square mileage. No demographics are to be permitted in this determination. Straight lines only.

    • All elected officials are required to have employment prior to election and must return to that field for no less than ten years except to permanently retire after leaving office.

  • Assorted Bureaucracy:

    • All 3 letter agencies are reduced to non-profit level education organizations only with no tax, spend, policing, or policy making authority. They may only advise Congress, the Executive, and the states.

    • Education funding, curriculum, requirements, and testing to be remanded to local school districts comprised solely of parents where there is one parent from each classroom per grade. Each parent must establish candidacy and be elected by the other parents of the class. Terms are for each school year. Limited to two terms.

    • No vehicle registration fees.

    • All gun laws are invalidated except selling to and carrying by violent repeat offenders.

    • Federal stand your ground.

“But the country will fall apart…”

“There’s going to be poor people…”

“Our children will fall behind without federal funding for education…”

“It's different to abolish the U.S. as we know it and implement communism…that's about fairness…”

I said radical agenda…I meant it.

This author subscribes to something I call "risk". As a citizen of this country I accept risk. The risk that my college degree will afford me an opportunity for a greater income. The risk that living somewhere with fewer gun laws may mean more violence, but the ability to defend myself. The risk that eating beer and butter may mean increased risk of artery clogging, but a fuller life until then. The risk that my family may starve to death and die in the street, but I have the opportunity to prevent that through my efforts and God's blessing. The risk that someone else in my neighborhood might be muslim and not agree with my beliefs, but they are just as free as I am to worship. The risk that I might hear things I don't like or agree with....but I can say what I like too.

There are those among our herd that prefer secession, civil war, a name it. The other side has those "folx" too. I fully admit that a time such as that may arise, but in the meantime, these proposed reforms would... definitely do something. We as a people must choose to be parented or free.

I choose freedom.

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Feb 08, 2023

Finally. Someone with some fucking sense that sees things close to how they were designed instead of sitting around slack jawed wondering what happened?

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