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Memeing the Met Gala

The Met Gala is one of those things that I've always heard about, but never really had any interest in what it was or why it existed. I've just always known it's a fancy party in New York and the attendees dress like total, unrepentant, assholes.

I'm sure that all of the money raised by the Met Gala goes to important charities, helps families in need, gives back to the community, helps LGBTQ kids learn how to read, provides a warm meals to the homeless and/or buys heeled boots for men self-conscious about their height. . . right?

*quickly googles Met Gala and quickly skims the Wikipedia article*

Oh, actually, the Met Gala is an annual fundraising event for the benefit of the Anna Wintour Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute. So, basically, it's obnoxious cunts, dressed like complete insufferable assholes, spending ridiculous amounts of money to help fund the work of other loathsome twats. Got it.

Well, let's see what the repugnant elite douchebags wore this year!

Here is Grimes, a Canadian musician, and the wife of Elon Musk, looking like a modern-day Joan of Arc high on shady blotter acid (probably what she was going for?).

Veteran attention-whore, Kim Kardashian showed up dressed like a member of the new Taliban parliament (if they allowed women to hold such offices, which they don't).

Elliot (nee Ellen) Page, showed up, dressed for his Bar Mitzvah, looking totally pissed that his mom and dad failed to book Maroon 5 to play his after party.

Pennsylvania Representative, Carolyn Maloney, wore a parade float to the Gala, posing mask-less while the staff stood by in matching black face coverings. The cruelty is the point.

Then you have AOC - that wonderous, tone deaf rapscallion, attending an event where individual tickets were $35,000 and the cheapest tables cost $200,000, wearing an expensive dress emblazoned with the phrase "Tax the Rich". You can't make this stuff up, folks.

Thankfully for you, me and the rest of the unwashed masses unfit to attend such an event, we have memes to subsist on. And last night provided amble material for us to fill our bellies on a smorgasbord of shit posting delicacies.

Let's dig in, shall we?

Ah yes, the annual gathering of the Lizard people looks splendid.

Is this a good look? Neigh.

Poor Abuela, imagine what she could've done with that 35,000.00.

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NOTHING says "progressive" quite like a White actress, with ties to British royalty, wearing ridiculous catcher pads to a 35K a ticket event and talking about smashing the patriarchy. Priceless.

Yep. And since were talking about Marie Antoinette vibes here, check out our video lecture "The French Revolution - Good Thing, Bad thing?" on YouTube!

Ok, one more from me:

Better to laugh than to cry.

Happy Tuesday and God Bless America.


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