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Flappr Finally Has Its Own Podcast

You read correctly - Flappr has launched its own podcast.

Sort of.

We're utilizing our Substack to host podcast versions of Professor Jimbo's lecture series - Good Thing, Bad Thing? Or in other words, we've launched The Good Thing, Bad Thing? Podcast - which is audio only versions of the videos that many of you love.

We know that some of you like to listen to his lectures while driving and/or doing whatever the hell it is you do while wanting to listen about history from the most based professor known to man.

So, rather than having to keep your YouTube app open, you can now listen to Professor Jimbo by subscribing to our FREE Substack - which you can do by clicking here - and listening to him from their app.

We understand that this is recycled content - but we're still trying to find bigger audiences and we are willing to try pretty much anything to spread the word.

Substack is new to us, has a ton of active users and we think that a lot of them would like our content if they knew it existed.

Your (FREE) subscription on that platform helps increase our chances for Substack's algorithm noticing our page and promoting our stuff to people that don't yet know we exist.

Give it a shot. If you're going to listen to the videos, this is a way better way to do it (we've edited them slightly to make them more podcast friendly).

Check out The French Revolution - Good Thing, Bad Thing? in podcast form by clicking here. If people dig this episode, we will convert more of them to podcast form.

As always, you should go watch the actual videos as well. Don't forget to like and subscribe!

Literally, we're willing to try anything - if you have any ideas shoot us a DM.


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