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Owens vs. B - The First Great Twitter Battle of 2021

So Candace Owens and Cardi B have been going at it for the past several days. There is a bit to unpack here, so lets start at the beginning.

On Sunday, Cardi B performed her "hit song" WAP at the Grammy Awards. It was basically like 4 minutes of this:

Blegh. Porn culture is boring and weird. I don't think anyone even really thinks this stuff interesting or sexy anymore, it's more cringe than anything.

Anyways, Candance Owens, now hosting a show named, well, Candace, at the Daily Wire wasn't thrilled with the performance. She was featured on Tucker Carlson the following evening and shared her displeasure.

So yeah, as expected, Carlson and Candace expressed her disdain for the perversion happening in America right now.

Well, Ms. B did not take kindly to this segment and decided air her frustrations to her 17.5 million followers in a now deleted tweet: “Matter fact I’m just going to thank Candy (Owens) She put my performance on Fox News giving it more views that boosted the views on YouTube and is counting towards my streams and sales.”

Things went back and forth for awhile, until Cardi B upped the ante and tweeted out images of photoshopped tweets suggesting that Owens' husband cheated on Owens with her own brother:

I'm not actually sure if Cardi B just believed that this was real - or she just posted these memes to troll Candace Owens. Either way it was particularly gross. Cardi B, then deleted her tweet after people pointed out they were fake and Owens threatened to sue her:

After the tweet was deleted, Owens claimed victory in the first epic Twitter battle of 2021, declaring that: "she will not stop until she's the CEO and Chairman of that "WAP":

Wonderful stuff. Enriching. Fulfilling. Wonderful stuff.

We are predisposed to agree with Candace Owens here - she's right - that type of performance, one that was unabashedly smutty, being televised on a network broadcast, during primetime, was weird. Thankfully, hardly anyone watched the Grammys - with ratings down over 51% from previous years. HAH!

To her credit, Cardi B made some non-crazy points as well. More specifically, in a reply to one of her own fans, she told a user to: "Stop expecting celebs to raise your kids":

Hey, you know what - she's 100% right here. Parents do need to be engaged and not let their kids watch things that they don't want them to watch. It feels like there has been a generation of kids whose parents outsourced their parenting duties to the schools and YouTube - and we're seeing a rise in wokeness as a result.

Look at that, something that even Candace Owens and Cardi B can probably agree on.

And if adults want to watch Cardi B, then who the hell should tell them they can't? Maybe just don't ask Cardi B to perform a song literally titled "Wet Ass Pussy" on your nationally broadcasted, primetime awards show. Cardi B didn't just suddenly become open and brazen with her particular form of brazen sexuality, if you hire Cardi B - you should expect to get Cardi B.

That's on CBS, not Cardi B.

So there you have it, who knows what will happen next in the ongoing epic saga of Candace Owens vs Cardi B. Hopefully nothing, because it's all very dumb and unimportant.


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