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An Ode To Summer

Ah, summer—the season of sun-kissed skin, lazy days, and the faint scent of adventure in the air. As the mercury rises, the world undergoes a mesmerizing transformation, and with it comes the radiant beauty that captures the hearts of romantics everywhere.

It is a time when love blossoms like the flowers, and the gentle sway of sundresses ignites a symphony of desire.

Summer . . . a time of new outlooks and new beginnings. A time of fresh plans and fresh—Oh, look! A beautiful MILF walking her dog! That is one of the many beautiful sights you can see in the spring. Let’s look at them a while and then we'll talk some more.

You know, people who live in a warm-weather places should be pitied, in a way.

Those spoiled rascals will never know that tingle of excitement when you see the first tulips push up from the ground, or the sound of the first robin singing his happy song, or that feeling you when you fall asleep to a gray dull world and wake up to find it draped in vibrant green and dappled by golden sunshine.

Oh, baby… That really hits the spot.

Suddenly all the beautiful people are out jogging in sensual, tight-fitting clothing, and even some of the not so beautiful people who, God bless them, try so hard to appear presentable are out there chugging along too!

In the distance, you can hear the steady drone of a man mowing his lawn, or the patient clip-clips of a lady trimming her hedge, or the laughter of children at play, flying kites and climbing trees, just happy to be alive. Ah… That’s the good stuff.

Take a walk. Get out of the house.

Gaze around and feast your eyes on the joys of summer. Why, there’s an old man reading the newspaper. Hello, old man! What’s the good news today? Biden fell again, did he? Oh, well, I'm sure he's mentally and physically capable of leading the most powerful country in the world!

Throw a barbecue.

Grilling reflects man’s innate desire to be close to nature, by cooking food outdoors, but to also tame nature and bend it to his will, via lawns, decks and even the grill itself. Man harnessing the power of fire, of the life and death that is blood, bone and meat, and fusing it all together into family, friendship and sustenance.

So, unleash your inner Cro-Magnon, flip those burgers and just grill, baby.

Oh yeah . . . breathe it in, son.

Breathe in those wonderful scents, the smoky tang of the grill, the healthy odor of a plowed field, the alluring aroma of flowers in bloom, the calming aura of a gentle rain. Anywhere you look you can’t help but bask in the presence of summer.

Young men are full of spunk and ready for adventure. Young women are coming into their own, dreaming of romance and how to increase their following on Instagram.


And look at that! Over there! A sundress. The first sundress of sundress season!

Can life get any better? While sundresses possess an innate modesty, they possess an artful subtlety that stirs the senses of men. The soft touch of fabric against bare skin, the glimpse of a sun-kissed shoulder, or the hint of a shapely leg beneath the hemline all add to the allure.

It's hard to quantify, but those sundresses awaken something in dudes and bros everywhere. The sundress ignites a desire to protect, cherish, and appreciate the beauty of women. The curvaceous cantaloupes, the mid-sized maracas, the itty-bitty blinkers. For men coming of age, there are few things sweeter in life than sundress season.

Anyways, where were we? That’s right, we're talking about summer or something.

One of the best things about spring into summer is that it gives us hope. That as dark and cold as the world might seem, we must never forget that light and warmth will return, someday. And if you’re going through something hard or difficult, don’t give up, don’t lose hope. You’ll get through it and emerge a stronger better man.

Summer lifts the spirit, makes you glad you were born. We have it so good here. A wise man once said "This world is good and worth fighting for." One has to imagine that whoever wrote that wrote it in the summer, because he is so right. This world is good… This world is worth fighting for…

We are winning. We will Win. All is well.

God bless America.


Jul 01, 2023

Who narrated this?


Stellar stuff!


Jun 28, 2023

Amen, and amen.


Jun 28, 2023

God Bless sundress season, er summer - jlee

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