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After COVID; On The Mend

It finally happened, I got COVID. Not just like, tested positive, got COVID - I got COVID pneumonia.

This is my COVID blog. I'm still kind of fucked up, so this is going to be rambling and very incoherent. Feel free to click out, but I felt like I needed to kick start the whole Flappr engine all over again and this is probably the best way for me to start things up.


I'll be honest, COVID wasn't great - it landed me in the hospital for the better part of a week.

If I had to make a recommendation here - it would be . . . . don't get COVID. Yeah, definitely, an experience you don't need in order to feel like you've lived a complete life.

I never thought I was going to die; but there were a lot of "holy shit, it's actually kind of hard to breathe" moments - again, not the best thing to experience if you can avoid it all together.

How'd I get COVID? I don't know actually. I'm vaccinated, so is my wife, so are my kids - but we all tested positive. So much for the vaccine preventing infection or illness, I suppose.


One thing that was particularly shitty to learn while sitting in a hospital bed with COVID was that there is a big, scary, new variant and that the WHO skipped called it the "Xi" variant out of fear that it might offend the guy who is responsible for the whole unleashing this plague on the world.

There is power and then there is whatever China holds right now. Pretty amazing stuff. Next level.

We aren't just doomed - we've already lost.


Hospitals suck. The food is terrible. The staff is mostly useless and the nurses are all very unattractive.

Given that my forth coming hospital bill will likely push me into some form of indentured servitude with my local hospital system, one would think they could've put me in the care of large chested nurses to help me swallow the pain of isolation.

They did not - my nurses were all very unimpressive, could barely speak English and were, in fact, small chested.

Very disappointing.

This is not accurate ^^^^^


The worst part of COVID isn't the illness itself necessarily - it's whatever I am going through right now.

Everything is dull, everything feels off.

It's like being forced to live in a world of standard definition after having spent the past twenty years in high def.

Everything feels slightly askew. everything feels like a rounded edge.

My morning Monster Energy Drink tastes a little strange. My sleep is off and when I do sleep - it's very strange sleep. Like I think I hallucinate about strange shit.

Nothing feels particularly enjoyable, even this, writing to you, which I usually love.

There is something very strange about being in this space. I don't think I can really accurately explain to you just how fucking weird things feel inside my brain right now.

It sucks, it really does.

This is an accurate representation of how my brain feels right now.


Hopefully we get this Flappr thing started up again and running proper. We're still working on stuff. We should have the Russian Revolution Video out sooner or later.

I am sorry that I got sick, I am sorry that I am still not feeling normal. This is all still very strange to me.


Happy Pearl Harbor Day (80 years!) God Bless America.

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ElisaCaff (#justE)
ElisaCaff (#justE)
07 Δεκ 2021

Bart! Comedy AND Tragedy. I laughed I cried. I will share. I am very grateful that you are feeling better.

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